At last there's an alternative to bulk delivery of ready-mixed concrete that doesn't mean manual mixing. Mixamate provides the happy medium - a super-convenient service that supplies concrete when you want, where you want, and in whatever quantities you need.

It's the most flexible concrete delivery service there is. Mixamate mixes on site to your actual requirement - not your rough estimation.

For answers to many of the common questions we are asked by our customers including about screed please take a look at the FAQs below.

Additionally, for anything that is not answered here and for concrete delivery prices, please visit our contact page to get in touch with a dedicated member of our Mixamate team, who would be happy to help you further.

    • Laying the screed

I'm not sure how much concrete I need, can you help me?

Surveys have shown that even professional builders can over or underestimate the amount of concrete they need by up to 40%. Often it's only possible to make a rough guess, but a rough guess is all we need. You can even use our Concrete Calculator to help you. Phone us with just an approximate idea of how much you'll need and we'll be there fast, ready to mix the exact amount of concrete needed to suit your requirements.

I only need a very small amount of concrete...will you deliver this amount?

Our minimum delivery charge is 1 metre - although if you need to use less you can use less, so we're the ideal delivery service for small and medium sized jobs like driveways, garage bases, garden paths, footings and oversites.

How much concrete can you delliver?

Our system guarantees the maximum efficiency for the minimum trouble. Our unique purpose built Mixamate vehicles carry enough cement, aggregate and water to mix up to12 cubic metres in a single delivery.

Isn’t it cheaper to mix the concrete myself?

Mixamate can be far more cost efficient than mixing it yourself. Mixamate saves you the expense and inconvenience of hiring equipment, estimating the amount of raw materials you need and allocating valuable labour to mix concrete. Remember, one cubic metre of concrete weighs over 2.5 tonnes or over 20 full barrow loads which involves a lot of hard work. If you've over or underestimated the amount of materials required for the job you also have a big problem.

How long have I got to get the concrete laid?

Because Mixamate is mixed fresh at the site there's no danger of it losing workability before placement and compaction. The price you pay includes all the time you need to wheel and lay the concrete - a full 20 minutes per metre (in the unlikely event you need longer the driver will wait for an additional charge)

    • Outside the New Stadium

My job is at the back of the house, will you be able to deliver to me?

Site access can be a problem for a large ready-mixed truck, but not for Mixamate. As well as the many specialist contractors we number among our regular customers, even the largest of national construction companies have called us when awkward access or difficult terrain has made bulk delivery impossible.

I haven’t got anyone to help me on the wheel barrows, what can I do?

Why not take advantage of our Mini-Dumper service. For a small extra cost one of our fully trained operators will place the concrete utilizing our tracked mini dumper. With this service we allow 20 minutes per metre and as its only 800mm wide we can delivery to all of those awkward to reach places.

What should I do when I am ready to order my concrete?

Phone your local Mixamate office on the freephone number shown on our contact page.

Screed Questions


It is not possible to transport the screed from the lorry in wheel barrows can youu recommend an alternate method?

Yes it is possible to pump floor screed with the appropriate pump. Mixamate would be happy to recommend a screed pump hire company that we often work closely with. We are able to deliver the screed direct into the pump for pumping right to your discharge point. Mixamate drivers are fully trained in the safe operation of a screed pump and are able to offer this service at a small extra charge.

It has been suggested that I need a very strong fast drying screed, can you help?

Additives such as our special quick an be added into the screed during mixing during our mixing. The flexibility of Mixamate and our vehicles is such that we can make screeds to your specification. Please contact us for any speciality screed requirements, we will be only too pleased to help.

I have never laid screed before and am unsure how much I need or how to do it...

At Mixamate we are here to help. We can assist estimating quantities, discuss screed types and requirements and we even have a list of professional screeders that we can recommend to you. Please note our minimum charge is for 2 tonnes of screed delivered.

My screeders prefer their screed to be slightly wet and this usually causes a problem when having screed delivered...

Our screed is manufactured on site in our vehicles pan mixer therefore our operators are able to adjust the consistency to your exact requirements.

How long will my screed take to dry?

A Standard screed will on average dry at a rate of 1mm per day, i.e. if your screed was placed at a depth of 75mm your screed would require 75 days to fully complete the drying process before you should apply any finishing’s to the surface. Screed will generally allow foot traffic after 48 hours. If quicker drying times are required please contact us about our quick drying screed additive. 

I’m not entirely sure how much material I need and am worried about over ordering...

The Mixamate batching system onboard the vehicle is completely computer controlled and can be stopped at any point. Therefore we only produce the exact amount of materiel that you need. There is no waste or mess and no part load charges, and best of all you only pay for what you lay.

Can I get Concrete and Screed on a Saturday?

Yes, we can supply you up to 12.00pm on a Saturday at no additional cost. Please get in contact with a member of the Mixamate team, preferably giving at least two days advanced notice, and we would be happy to arrange this for you.

Will your Mixamate vehicles be able to access my site?

The Conqueror Machine measurements are as follows:
Width: 8’- 6” (244cm)
Length: 33 feet (1,006cm)
Height: 12’- 0” (366cm)
Weight: 32 Tonnes Gross (32,000kg)
Conveyor belt distance: 8’- 6” (244cm)

    • Screed supply

Can my Concrete & Screed be Pumped into place?

Yes, we offer a number of pumping alternatives to straight pouring screed into place, including:

1. Landline Concrete Pumps: These lorry mounted pumps carry up to 240 feet of steel and rubber pipe work with which to place your concrete into your desired location.
2. Boom Pumps: These pumps have mechanical Hydraulic arms to place concrete above ground or over obstacles or restrictions.
3. Screed Pumps: Specialist pumps designed to pump your screed in to place. ( See our Screed pump section )

Please speak to our sales staff who will be happy to provide you with a competitive quotation.

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