Mixamate helps out the Scouts

  • May 30

Mixamate recently helped out the 10th Fareham Scout Group with some free concrete and delivery. The group, based near Portsmouth, required the materials for the redevelopment of their compound activities area, and as a former Scout Member himself Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, was more than happy to help out!

When Mixamate got the call, the Fareham based Scout Group were in the process of a large and exciting new redevelopment project. The design has revolutionised the the Group’s activities area, allowing the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts who attend on a regular basis to practice outdoor activities including the likes of fire lighting, shelter building, and survival skills in a safe and secure area.

Part of this included a new campfire pit for larger events as well as some smaller fire pits for practice on a regular basis, which came to a concrete requirement of roughly 1.5m3. The delivery took place on Saturday and it was great to see all of the Scouts and volunteer workers pitching in to help barrow in the concrete, which is still a service that Mixamate is able to offer in addition to our unique Concrete Pumping lorries.

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“When Chris Clements, the Scout Leader, told us about the project we were more than happy to provide this amount of concrete to the group, as well as deliver it,” said Chris Smith, Managing Director for Mixamate. “Saturday delivery is also not a problem because we’re used to catering to jobs out of regular office hours for our other clients. Sometimes giving back a little to people who give a lot feels the right thing to do, and as an old Cub and Boy Scout myself it seemed like an interesting project – the pictures we saw of everybody pitching in on the day looked like a Scouts activity enough in itself!”

The Group was extremely pleased with the end result and posted some pictures to its main Facebook page, which we have also posted above. 

“On behalf of the 10th Fareham Scout Group we have to say a huge thank-you to Mixamate, who were brilliant to donate this concrete and deliver it to us,” said Chris Clements, Scout Leader for the 10th Fareham Scout Group.” We had a successful morning constructing out new fire pits, which will allow the group to practice some exciting survival skills in a secure area. Everyone both Scouts and adults alike were also very impressed with the Mixamate truck. We were so happy with this we posted It on our Facebook page, and it was great to see all the leaders and parents who came and pitched in on the day to help – a real team effort and a really kind gesture from the guy’s at Mixamate to help us out in this way.” 

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