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Showing our Support for the Mix on Site Industry

  • Mar 4 '11

Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, attended The Concrete Show at the Rioch Arena in Coventry last week, in support of the mix on site industry.

The new annual show proved to be a resounding success and an excellent showcase for the Concrete industry as a whole.

Chris attended the event on behalf of the Batched on Site Association (BSA), which was present to provide support for the mix on site sector. Mix on site concrete now accounts for approximately 10% of the industry and if the sector is taken as a whole, supplies more concrete than the fifth largest supplier in plant batched concrete.

With a great reception and high attendance levels across the entire two day program, our very own Mixamate representative was keen to lend his own time to manning the BSA stand and answering questions relating to the sector as a whole!

Speaking at the show last week, the Mixamate MD emphasised the importance of the Batched on Site Association’s work in what is becoming an increasingly important cornerstone of the UK construction industry:

“It is important for the Batched on Site Association to have a presence at such a large and well attended show for the concrete industry,” Chris said. “Mix at site concrete now accounts for 10% of the entire industry, and that proportion is increasing every year. With a greater share comes greater responsibility to our customers and our members, and we want to make it clear that around this growth we are working hard both publically and behind the scenes to deliver high standards in mix on site concrete services.”

The BSA was set up by Chris and a handful of founding members in 2007 to represent the interests of mobile batching plant operators and provide greater regulation for the industry. It now boasts over 80 members and with a new website and additional marketing activities “in the mix” for 2011, is expecting further expansion to coincide with the continued development of the mix on site sector.

Mix at site concrete now accounts for 10% of the entire industry

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Batched on Site Concrete Sector Growing

  • Feb 17 '11

According to BDS Marketing’s latest annual report, almost 200 companies are now operating an estimated 500+ batched on site machines across the UK.

Those looking for Mix on site concrete should be aware that despite the rise in the quantity of UK operators, the quality of mix at site product can differ greatly between them. Mixamate continue to stress that consumers and businesses alike should remain extremely stringent in selecting the right supplier. 

That said the growth in the number of mobile batching plants now operating in the UK is undoubtedly good news for the construction industry at large, as the mix at site services provide significant advantages over ready mix concrete in terms of both quality and freshness of mix and cost-effectiveness.  

BDS believe that mix on site concrete now represents nearly 10% of the industry and if the sector is taken as a whole, supplies more concrete than the fifth largest supplier in plant batched concrete.

The report concludes that volumes for mixing plant concrete companies fell by around 30% in 2009, and that the major companies closed nearly 60 plants over the past year while a further 18 smaller companies ceased production.

This highlights an important shift that is currently occurring in the UK concrete industry, as businesses are increasingly favouring the lower concrete delivery prices and ease of service that mobile batching plants can offer. 

For more information on this topic please visit the Advantages over ready mix section of the Mixamate website.

Strength by Association

  • Jan 25 '11

The Batched on Site Association (BSA) - of which Mixamate is one of the founding members - was featured in Concrete Society magazine this month, in a two page feature examining the rise of the mix-at-site concrete delivery sector.

For anybody interested in this history, the piece can be view in PDF format here.

It certainly makes for an interesting read as the industry has come a long way since Mixamate first sent a man armed with a shovel on the back of a truck to a site over 35 years ago!

The BSA was set up in 2007 and the principal objective of the Association is to self-regulate a section of the industry that has largely gone un-regulated throughout its history.

The technology provided by mix-at-site operators offers something uniquely different out there, because these trucks are essentially mobile batching plants within their own right rather than just a delivery mechanism, and consequently as the demand for these services has grown so too must the regulation.

As a result, Mixamate founder, Chris Smith, and a number of other leading mix-at-site operators have been busy working behind the scenes at the BSA, which now has in excess of 70 members across the UK.

BSA membership is open to anybody who operates mobile batching plants in the UK and is set for further expansion this year, with a new website and additional marketing activities already in place – so for more information watch this space!

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What's in a Name?

  • Jan 15 '11


Over the past 35 years the Mixamate name has become synonymous with quality and reliability, offering value by providing concrete delivery prices based only on the materials that customers actually use – no more, no less.

However, in spite of this strong brand affinity we still find that online searches for the Mixamate brand throw up some interesting results!

Amongst the unique takes on our name that customers use to find our website there are some real variations, including mix a mate, mixermate, mixer mate, mixa mate, mix mate, mix-a-mate, and our own personal favourite – mixmate – which is in fact a mobile application that allows Google Android users to mix digital paint colours in the right proportions!

When it comes down to it, there isn’t an awful lot in a name, since our first class services and quality of materials speak for themselves, but for future reference please remember the easiest way to find us...it’s Mixamate!

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Mixamate Screed Service Attracts Editorial Acclaim

  • Jan 12 '11

As readers of Professional Builder magazine may know, Mixamate’s concrete delivery service was recently featured in the publication.

Senior Product Tester for the Magazine, Roger Bisby, must have liked us, because this month he came back for more and this time it was for some Screed!

You can read the full article here, in which Mixamate was very proud to receive a glowing report of our services, particularly for our unique min-dumper service which lends itself extremely well to the delivery of screed in those hard to reach areas.

To view the full article, simply click through to the PDFs below:

For more information on Mixamate’s dedicated screed delivery service please take a look at the screed section of our site. Alternatively for screed and concrete delivery prices you can get in contact with us directly to speak to a dedicated member of our team.

    • 800mm wide Mini Dumper makes it through a tight squeeze!

Mixamate Featured in Professional Builder Magazine

  • Nov 12 '10

This month Mixamate’s Concrete delivery service was featured in Professional Builder magazine, with an impressed product test team giving a strong endorsement of the Mixamate product.

Roger Bisby, the publication’s official product tester and features writer, joined us on the site of a concrete delivery to find out a little bit more about this unique service first hand, and were blown away by the building experts reaction to the service.

He praised our swift and efficient approach not to mention the quality of our concreting mix, which can differ from supplier to supplier – and was subtly impressed with the value on offer!

You can read the full article through the following PDF links and for further information on Mixamate’s highly regarded screed service please visit the screed section of our site.



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