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Mixamate works on Glass Paving job in London's Westend

  • Oct 5 '16

Last month Mixamate was called into the centre of London, to provide concrete for an interesting glass paving job. You can find glass bricks, or glass blocks as they're also known, dotted all around the city centre, and they allow pedestrians to walk directly over basement premises while still admitting light. It is an interesting architectural quirk that we take for granted across our UK cities, and was originally invented in the early 1900's to provide natural light in manufacturing plants.

The job was for Ricky Shields Pavement Lights - a company that has been a customer of Mixamate Concrete & Screed for more than 25 years. Ricky said: 

"Pavement lights are the things you walk over without giving it a second thought," said Shields. "By their nature they are used in tight inner city spaces, and for that we required the Mixamate mix on site service. There's no waste, we can dictate exactly how much we need what consistency of mix we require - including a C40, which is what we need for this sort of job. It's just a much much easier system to use and the service is always friendly. And having worked with him for so long Chris, the Mixamate Managing Director, is always on hand to help us out should we ever need him."

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Mixamate has always been favoured by companies working on tight inner-city jobs where site access is limited, and materials need to be delivered quickly to the trench. Now, with the launch of our new all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck, this service has been optimised even further. It cuts down on time, labour, and site vehicles and particularly in the case of specialist jobs like this where work needs to be turned around quickly, can really remove an extra hassle from the process. 

For more information, and to see a video of the truck in action simply visit our dedicated Concrete Pumping Truck page here. 

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Concrete Pumping in London

  • Sep 19 '16

It’s been a summer of unique jobs for Mixamate, as our all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck has been called out across London and the South East to pump concrete into many hard to reach sites.

It’s not just particularly tricky locations where concrete pumping can prove beneficial. Our all-in-one machine removes the headache from mix on site concrete delivery wherever it is called. Site contractors no longer need to worry about administering the concrete from truck to trench. Where once methods like barrowing, shovelling, and mini-dumpers needed to be considered, right up to going to the lengths of hiring a separate concrete pump, we can now provide delivery, mixing, and pumping in a single, hassle free service.

Such has been the popularity of this new system our machine has been nominated for an Award at the prestigious London construction Awards this year, recognising the technology as a pioneering step forward in the way the the mix on site sector operates.

We’ve been to the V&A Museum, up and down Oxford Street, across bridges and docks, and throughout the wider south east and south coast regions. You can view a video of our Concrete Pumping Truck in action here, and as always with Mixamate for free and friendly advice on any upcoming jobs please just get in contact with us directly.   

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    • Mixamate Wapping Wall

Mixamate nominated for manufacturing award

  • Aug 31 '16

Mixamate has been nominated for a manufacturing award at the prestigious London Construction Awards. The company’s unique all in one Concrete Pumping Truck has been nominated in the Innovation of the Year – Manufacturing category, based on its creative solution to modern on-site delivery.

All-in-One Machine
The All-in-One Mixamate Concrete Pumping Truck is a totally new concept in batched on site concrete, in the form of a machine that can now travel to site and mix and pump concrete (and screed) up to 100m away from the vehicle.

The idea was first conceived in 2014 when Mixamate attached an on-board concrete pump to one of its existing lorries, removing the need to hire a separate pump. From there a period of in-field research and development was carried out before the company teamed up with Italian manufacturing firm, Blend, in 2015 to design and build the revolutionary new machine.

    • Mixamate Wapping Wall

Building on success
The machine is already helping Mixamate to grow during what is undoubtedly a difficult time for the construction industry. During 2015 Mixamate undertook a record 8,000+ mix on site jobs, received more than 38,000 in-bound calls, attracted over a quarter of a million pageviews on its website, and added a further 6 machines (5 Concrete Pumping & 1 Screed Pumping). The company’s full fleet now stands at 24 vehicles and there are plans for further expansion in 2016.

“It’s a great honour for us to be nominated for a London Construction Award,” said Chris Smith, Managing Director for Mixamate. “Concrete pumping is becoming an increasingly popular form of concrete delivery, particularly in heavily built up areas such as Central London, but the method of using a separate pump to run alongside a mixing lorry had become an extremely archaic way of doing things. The new truck we have manufactured represents a huge innovation in the industry, removing the need to hire a separate pump, and it’s fantastic to see this innovation recognized at manufacturer level as we proceed to roll out more of these machines.”

The winners will be announced at an awards ceremony in London at the end of October. 

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Mixamate visits world's leading museum of art and design

  • Aug 30 '16

It's been a busy summer for Mixamate, with no let up in demand for mix on site concrete as the sunshine of the summer months has taken hold. One particularly interesting location that we recently completely work on is the V&A Museum in London.

The historic spot, located near the Albert Hall in Kensington, recently required a mix on site concrete delivery that only Mixamate's all in one concrete pumping machine could tackle. Our driver was able to take some stunning photo on the day, which you can view in further detail on our Facebook page here. 

    • Mixamate at V and A
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Mixamate receives second hydraulic machine from I.H.S.

  • Jul 25 '16

Integrated Hydraulic Solutions Ltd. today announced completion of a brand new all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck for Mixamate. The new machine marks the second vehicle that has been created for the Country’s leading mix on site concrete & screed company, since I.H.S. was founded earlier this year. 

The unique machine is capable of providing the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle, removing the need to hire a separate concrete pump. Built on a brand new chassis, the truck comes complete with an integrated control panel for controlling the mixing and flow of materials. This makes operating the machine easy and offers both automatic and manual options for mixing and delivering different types of concrete. 

It also produces a printed ticket, which is referenced and recordable, from its calibrated batching system. This offers a far superior quality of mix to traditional volumetric machines that rely on an estimation of rotations alone. 

The Mixamate machine can pump 230 litres of hydraulic oil per minute, producing around 10-11 m3 of concrete per hour, delivered directly onto site through the vehicle’s on-board line pump. It’s a unique approach to the modern mix on site industry that delivers batching plant standard quality, and the hydraulic components of the machine make it supremely easy to use. 

The new truck will join the rest of the Mixamate fleet this week and go straight out working on concrete pumping jobs immediately.

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Mixamate receives double page editorial feature in Concrete Magazine

  • Jul 13 '16

Mixamate is featured in this month's edition of Concrete Magazine, the official publication of the Concrete Society.

In a double page spread, the editorial coverage introduces Mixamate's new in-house testing lab, an investment we have made into ensuring the consistent quality of our concrete. The company’s Head of Quality Control, John Macleod, has over 12 years’ experience in the concrete testing industry, and emphasises the need for more detailed testing on a regular basis:

“With so many machines going out to sites on a daily basis it is important to have our own in-house lab to keep our quality control measures in order,” said Macleod. “External testing companies can be both expensive and sporadic, whereas our increasing quantity of deliveries means we need to stay on top of quality control on a daily basis. The new lab will allow us to do this, strengthening our ability to provide a quality product to all of our clients on a consistent basis.”

You can find out more about Concrete Magazine and sign up to the publication here

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Concrete pumping in Central London

  • Jun 14 '16

Mixamate last week made a special out of hours journey to carry out concrete pumping in the Tower Hill area of Central London. In a tight space and within a limited timeframe our unique all in one Concrete Pumping Truck was able to deliver in double quick time and with no fuss.

Hotels can be notoriously difficult spaces to refurbish. With so many guests coming and going on a regular basis, any maintenance work that threatens to close down the whole or even part of the premises even for a short time is bad news for profitability. it is therefore crucial to minimise downtime and maximise profits. And so in one of our most recent jobs Mixamate provided a solution to (quite literally) work around the hotel we were pumping on and deliver concrete directly from truck to trench.

Using two Mixamate lorries the company administered 7.5 m3 of C40 concrete into a trench built for a new slab in a busy hotel near Tower Hill. The concrete line pumps of both lorries were utilised simultaneously to build one ‘super hose’ of more than 125m in length that would first stretch around the front façade of the hotel, then around Tower Hill station, and finally reach back around and down into the rear of the premises to pump concrete directly into a hole dug 8 metres into the ground.

The job utilised two trucks, two drivers, and was carried out from arrival to completion in just under 2hrs. We were also helped by the tremendously efficient walky-talky system that was used by the site staff to make calls from one end of the hose to another and help us precisely control the speed of pumping to allow the guys working in the trench to administer the mix in a safe and efficient way.

It was a smooth and swift operation that saw great teamwork between the Mixamate drivers and our customers alike to leverage the full benefits of our pioneering all in one Concrete Pumping technology. For more information on the Mixamate Concrete Pumping Truck click here. 

    • Concrete Pumping London Tower Hill

Meet the Mixamate Concrete Calculator

  • May 17 '16

For those who haven't already seen it, you can now download the dedicated Mixamate Concrete Calculator for both Apple and Android devices. 

We work closely with customers across London and the South East on a daily basis, and one thing that we are committed to is being at the other end of the telephone to provide expert advise on measurements and quantities. Our Concrete Calculator App provides a handy starting point that you can save straight to your phone, giving you the simple tools you need to calculate the exact quantities of concrete and screed for the job in hand. From there you're just the push of a button away, as you can give us a call directly from within the app!

The Concrete Calculator exemplifies Mixamate's commitment to consistency of measurement and accuracy of mix. With Mixamate you only pay for what you take and our unique Conqueror machine contains an on-board computer system to ensure that every element of the mix is electronically weighed to give the highest accuracy. 

If you'd like to download the app simply search 'Mixamate' in the Apple and Android stores, and for further information of course please just give us a call. 

    • Mixamate Concrete Calculator
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Mixamate launches own concrete testing lab

  • Apr 26 '16

Mixamate has announced the launch of its own in-house concrete testing lab, to be independently verified by an external testing company. The new lab is situated at the Mixamate headquarters in North London, providing technology that will also allow the company to carry out concrete and slump testing on-site.

Regular testing
The measure has been introduced to allow for more rigorous testing of concrete on a regular basis. With a growing fleet it is no longer considered enough to rely on the use of irregular external testing alone.

“With so many machines going out to sites on a daily basis it is important to have our own in-house lab to keep our quality control measures in order,” said John Macleod, Head of Quality Control at Mixamate. “External testing companies can be both expensive and sporadic, whereas our increasing quantity of deliveries means we need to stay on top of quality control on a daily basis. The new lab will allow us to do this, strengthening our ability to provide a quality product to all of our Clients on a consistent basis.”

Mixamate will continue to work with an independent testing company that arrives on site to collect samples and test externally twice a week. The modern lab is situated in a fully insulated room that allows the company to maintain the correct temperature for testing in cold weather conditions. The concrete cube curing tank is heated to temperatures stated in the British standard guidelines and can even be cooled during hot weather to ensure consistent variables throughout the year.

Additionally, 10 – 20 on-site test will occur every week, throughout London and the South East. Samples are taken in 100mmx100mm steel moulds, and all data is then transferred onto a graph known as a CUSUM Chart.

Raising standards
Mixamate has a rich history of innovation in the mix on site sector. The company’s unique Conqueror machine electronically weighs every material that goes into the mix, giving a quality of concrete superior to volumetric mixers and producing a printed ticket with every batch. In 2013 the company introduced a unique all-in-one concrete pumping truck, allowing for the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single vehicle, removing the need for a separate concrete pump and reducing the number of vehicles on the road. 

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Mixamate announces record revenues for 2015

  • Apr 19 '16

Mixamate - the UK’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed – today announced record revenues for 2015. The company, which specialises in the delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete and screed on construction sites, saw its multi-million £ turnover increase by 30% on the previous year.

40 Year History
The result marks the most successful year in the privately owned Company’s 40 year history. During 2015 Mixamate undertook a record 8,000+ mix on site jobs, received more than 38,000 in-bound calls, and attracted over a quarter of a million pageviews on its website. Mixamate’s Managing Director, Chris Smith, attributes the growth to the Company’s investment in new technology and new services:

“In 2014 we rolled out our all in one Concrete Pumping Truck,” said Smith. “This is an unrivalled machine that allows for the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single vehicle, removing the need to hire a separate pump. With property and construction projects moving again particularly in London and the South East, new and existing customers have begun to embrace this new way of doing things. The demand has been extremely high and it has brought greater efficiency to the mix on site sector at large.”

    • Mixamate Crane

Re-investing in service
Not content with record results, the firm is re-investing in its pioneering mix on site technology, having added a further 6 machines (5 Concrete Pumping Trucks and 1 Screed Pumping Truck) in 2015 alone. The Mixamate fleet now stands at a total of 24 vehicles, with one third comprising of all in one pumping trucks and plans for further expansion in 2016.

“Using traditional batching plants for smaller jobs has become a very archaic, and expensive, way of doing things,” said Smith. “With the Mixamate machines every component that goes into the mix is electronically weighed, meaning you can now get batching plant accuracy in a mix on site service, unlike with traditional volumetric trucks.”

Bucking the trend
The latest figures from the UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ index (PMI) show tough times for the sector, with growth in the construction of new homes reaching its lowest level in three years in March. However, Mixamate’s investment in and commitment to new technologies and new practices has allowed the Company to capitalise on the growing popularity of pumping and mix on site services.  

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