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Meet the Mixamate Concrete Calculator

  • May 17 '16

For those who haven't already seen it, you can now download the dedicated Mixamate Concrete Calculator for both Apple and Android devices. 

We work closely with customers across London and the South East on a daily basis, and one thing that we are committed to is being at the other end of the telephone to provide expert advise on measurements and quantities. Our Concrete Calculator App provides a handy starting point that you can save straight to your phone, giving you the simple tools you need to calculate the exact quantities of concrete and screed for the job in hand. From there you're just the push of a button away, as you can give us a call directly from within the app!

The Concrete Calculator exemplifies Mixamate's commitment to consistency of measurement and accuracy of mix. With Mixamate you only pay for what you take and our unique Conqueror machine contains an on-board computer system to ensure that every element of the mix is electronically weighed to give the highest accuracy. 

If you'd like to download the app simply search 'Mixamate' in the Apple and Android stores, and for further information of course please just give us a call. 

    • Mixamate Concrete Calculator
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Mixamate launches own concrete testing lab

  • Apr 26 '16

Mixamate has announced the launch of its own in-house concrete testing lab, to be independently verified by an external testing company. The new lab is situated at the Mixamate headquarters in North London, providing technology that will also allow the company to carry out concrete and slump testing on-site.

Regular testing
The measure has been introduced to allow for more rigorous testing of concrete on a regular basis. With a growing fleet it is no longer considered enough to rely on the use of irregular external testing alone.

“With so many machines going out to sites on a daily basis it is important to have our own in-house lab to keep our quality control measures in order,” said John Macleod, Head of Quality Control at Mixamate. “External testing companies can be both expensive and sporadic, whereas our increasing quantity of deliveries means we need to stay on top of quality control on a daily basis. The new lab will allow us to do this, strengthening our ability to provide a quality product to all of our Clients on a consistent basis.”

Mixamate will continue to work with an independent testing company that arrives on site to collect samples and test externally twice a week. The modern lab is situated in a fully insulated room that allows the company to maintain the correct temperature for testing in cold weather conditions. The concrete cube curing tank is heated to temperatures stated in the British standard guidelines and can even be cooled during hot weather to ensure consistent variables throughout the year.

Additionally, 10 – 20 on-site test will occur every week, throughout London and the South East. Samples are taken in 100mmx100mm steel moulds, and all data is then transferred onto a graph known as a CUSUM Chart.

Raising standards
Mixamate has a rich history of innovation in the mix on site sector. The company’s unique Conqueror machine electronically weighs every material that goes into the mix, giving a quality of concrete superior to volumetric mixers and producing a printed ticket with every batch. In 2013 the company introduced a unique all-in-one concrete pumping truck, allowing for the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single vehicle, removing the need for a separate concrete pump and reducing the number of vehicles on the road. 

    • Slump Testing
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Mixamate announces record revenues for 2015

  • Apr 19 '16

Mixamate - the UK’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed – today announced record revenues for 2015. The company, which specialises in the delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete and screed on construction sites, saw its multi-million £ turnover increase by 30% on the previous year.

40 Year History
The result marks the most successful year in the privately owned Company’s 40 year history. During 2015 Mixamate undertook a record 8,000+ mix on site jobs, received more than 38,000 in-bound calls, and attracted over a quarter of a million pageviews on its website. Mixamate’s Managing Director, Chris Smith, attributes the growth to the Company’s investment in new technology and new services:

“In 2014 we rolled out our all in one Concrete Pumping Truck,” said Smith. “This is an unrivalled machine that allows for the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single vehicle, removing the need to hire a separate pump. With property and construction projects moving again particularly in London and the South East, new and existing customers have begun to embrace this new way of doing things. The demand has been extremely high and it has brought greater efficiency to the mix on site sector at large.”

    • Mixamate Crane

Re-investing in service
Not content with record results, the firm is re-investing in its pioneering mix on site technology, having added a further 6 machines (5 Concrete Pumping Trucks and 1 Screed Pumping Truck) in 2015 alone. The Mixamate fleet now stands at a total of 24 vehicles, with one third comprising of all in one pumping trucks and plans for further expansion in 2016.

“Using traditional batching plants for smaller jobs has become a very archaic, and expensive, way of doing things,” said Smith. “With the Mixamate machines every component that goes into the mix is electronically weighed, meaning you can now get batching plant accuracy in a mix on site service, unlike with traditional volumetric trucks.”

Bucking the trend
The latest figures from the UK Construction Purchasing Managers’ index (PMI) show tough times for the sector, with growth in the construction of new homes reaching its lowest level in three years in March. However, Mixamate’s investment in and commitment to new technologies and new practices has allowed the Company to capitalise on the growing popularity of pumping and mix on site services.  

    • Pump Hose

Concrete blast from the past

  • Apr 18 '16

Mixamate proved it had retro cool this week, when an old Mixamate t-shirt randomly appeared on BBC Breakfast. It was spotted by an eagle-eyed customer who quickly snapped the image and sent it in to us.

The piece was part of a feature looking at the launch of a new London gallery dedicated to a series of punk and mod girls that were selected for a Photographer's project in the 1980's. It seems the Mixamate brand already had retro cool way back then as it appears to be being worn as a badge of honour by the trendy London youth!

You can see we're already rocking the familiar yellow and red and the logo font is not entirely removed from what it is today. A cracking spot and a lovely piece of history, proving that it's not always the most mainstream consumer brands that make it into the public psyche. Please keep your Mixamate memorabilia photographs coming in! 


    • Mixamate on BBC Breakfast
    • BBC Breakfast

Glowing report from Knowles

  • Dec 14 '15

Mixamate's new all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck was recently called in to perform a large job at Rutland House in Knightsbridge for basement construction specialists, Knowles.

Taking approximately 500 cubic metres of concrete, the job required specialist consideration as there was a good deal of underpinning going on. Plywood timbres can easily break when concrete is administered at the wrong pressure, and our unique machine provided just the right pumping speed to ensure a swift yet safe delivery.

"We are currently doing a big job at Rutland House Knightsbridge and using Mixamate to provide 500 cubic metres altogether on the same site," said Carolis Senkus, Site Manager for Knowles. "The on-board concrete pump is a particularly useful feature – it’s very good and you can control the speed of the pumping, which is very useful for us given that we are doing underpinning with plywood timbres and they can easily break with the wrong pressure. The driver is very helpful and the flexibility Mixamate gives us in terms of when we can receive the concrete and plan other site activity around that is hugely valuable."

Mixamate's advanced Concrete Pumping Truck has been specially designed to provide the delivery, mixing, and pumping of materials from a single vehicle - meaning you don't need to hire a seperate concrete pump anymore! For further information click here.

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    • Rutland House

Concrete Pumping in One Minute

  • Oct 11 '15

Mixamate's all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck has been a welcomed addition to our fleet, with now multiple vehicles delivering, mixing, and pumping concrete throughout London and the South East. 

We are forever fielding questions on this unique service and rightly so, it has provided a huge advancement in the way that concrete pumping is administered on construction sites and means that you don't need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore. However, they say a picture paints a thousand words so we have here launched a brand new video coming in at just over 1-minute highlighting briefly the truck in action. 

    • Concrete Pumping London - yacts in action

Batched on Site Association Featured in Concrete Magazine

  • Oct 11 '15

The Batched on Site Association, of which Mixamate Managing Director Chris Smith is Chairman, was last month featured in Concrete Magazine, as the story surrounding the Government’s proposed legislative changes to the sector heats up.

In his opening column the Magazine’s Editor, James Luckey, spoke about the fine line to be had between regulation and killing off competition, as reducing the overall weight limit of volumetric machines would surely hand an advantage to the Industry’s major ready mix concrete suppliers.

In a separate article within the same issue of the magazine, Chris Smith, Chairman of the Batched on Site Association said:

“We have serious concerns about the Government’s current consideration to reduce the operating weight of these machines to 32 tonnes. This would significantly reduce capabilities to the point of putting the majority of operators out of business, threatening a £210m sector of the UK economy that has grown even in spite of the economy and accounts for an estimated 3,150 jobs.”

An online version of James Luckey’s commentary on the story can be read here

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Concrete Pumping onto London Barge

  • Oct 8 '15

Mixamate was recently called into an interesting concrete pumping job on the banks of the Thames, delivering concrete directly onto a water barge.

It may seem counterintuitive to pump concrete directly onto something that floats, but these vessels are much larger than you might think, and rely on small quantities of concrete for hull integrity as well as internal design composition.

Mixamate’s all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck proved to be perfect for such a task, parking up on site directly beside the barge and delivering, mixing and pumping the concrete from a single vehicle. It’s a good example of how a more nimble vehicle with a smaller chassis makes light work of concrete pumping in London, where the roads and site access can obviously be equally tight.

For more information on our Concrete Pumping Truck click here, and for a full gallery of images relating to this particular job click here.   

    • Concrete Pumping London - truck and hose 1
    • Concrete Pumping London - truck to barge
    • Concrete Pumping London - on the river

Mixamate Featured in Quarry Management Magazine

  • Aug 10 '15

Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, spoke to Quarry Management Magazine this month, about the proposed weight limit that the UK Government is considering imposing on Volumetric machines. 

The proposed changes come as part of wider industry legislation governing the mobile batching plant sector, for which the Batched on Site Association (BSA)  acts as a self-regulatory body working in close communication with Government to maintain the interests of, and promote high standards within, the batched on site sector. 
As Chairman of the Batched on Site Association, Chris has been keen to point out the industry impacts that lowering the weight limit of these unique set of vehicles could have, particularly on industry employment and productivity: 
“The BSA works in close consultation with the Department for Transport to improve the safety, service and environmental footprint of the sector. However, we have serious concerns about the Government’s current consideration to reduce the operating weight of these machines to 32 tonnes. This would significantly reduce the capabilities to the point of putting the majority of operators out of business, threatening a £210m sector of the UK economy that has grown even in-spite of the recession, and currently accounts for an estimated 3,150 jobs.”
Last month Chris met to discuss the issue with local MP, Kate Osamor, who visited the Mixamate offices. The BSA recently wrote to the new Minister for Transport, Andrew Jones, who has responded by setting up a meeting with the organisation in September.
    • QMM

Mixamate Meets with Kate Osamor

  • Jul 31 '15

Last week Mixamate was visited by the Labour MP for Edmonton, Kate Osamor, who visited members of the Mixamate team out on site and sat down to talk with Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, about proposed Government legislative changes affecting the entire Batched on Site industry.  

In addition to being Managing Director of Mixamate, Chris is also the Chairman of the Batched on Site Association (BSA), which was set up in 2007 to help protect the interests of Volumetric operators and maintain industry standards. The Association recently warned that up to 3,150 jobs could be lost in the UK Construction sector if new Government legislation is introduced. The sector accounts for approximately 10% of the 21.7m m3 wet concrete market in the UK, and is worth an annual £210m to the UK economy.

The BSA recently wrote to the new Minister for Transport, Andrew Jones, who has responded by setting up a meeting with the organisation in September. The Association has voiced its concerns over certain aspects of the proposed changes, and continues to work closely with Government bodies and other Associations to help ensure that the best interests of the entire industry are maintained. 

For more information on the Batched on Site Association click here

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