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Mixamate Featured in Professional Builder Magazine

  • Aug 4 '14

Mixamate was recently featured in Professional Builder Magazine, who were reporting on the launch of our brand new Concrete Calculator App. 

The app has been developed exclusively by Mixamate as a tool for on-site use both on and offline. This allows it to be used in areas of low connectivity, such as when calculating the materials required for a basement job. It also allows users to call Mixamate from directly within the app, immediately placing an order with a member of their dedicated team based on the calculations they have just made.

“Reassurance in your measurements is very important when you’re running around on site overseeing a thousand things at once,” said Chris Smith, Managing Director for Mixamate. “Because of our heritage and brand reputation, our customers trust us on a daily basis to help them with their concrete and screed calculations. We therefore wanted to develop that concept further and give them a real working tool that they could take with them onto a site, supported by the Mixamate name and with a direct line into our dedicated team. The Mixamate branded concrete and screed calculator app does just that.”

You can view the full Professional Builder Magazine article online here

    • Mixamate Concrete Calculator
    • Professional Builder Magazine

Mixamate Introduces New Delivery Mechanism

  • Jul 22 '14

Mixamate – the UKs leading provider of mix on-site concrete and screed – today announced an innovation to its straight-pour delivery method, adding an enclosed auger to its traditional Conqueror Mixing Truck. 

The new 3.5 metre long auger replaces the open conveyer-belt technology that had previously been used, enabling the company to discharge mixed concrete from the mixing pan more quickly and cleanly than in previous incarnations of the truck.
Chris Smith, Managing Director for Mixamate, said: “Mixamate is always looking for ways to improve our current servicing and equipment, and the new auger represents a natural evolution of the previous conveyer-belt system. This will allow us to deliver materials more quickly and efficiently from truck to trench for our customers, reducing working time and mess on straight-pour jobs.”
Having proved successful in field trials, the new auger is now being rolled out across the entire Mixamate fleet. 
In addition to straight-pour, Mixamate can also deliver concrete via barrowing, mini dumper, and concrete pumping services. In 2013 the company launched its unique Concrete Pumping Truck – a single truck that provides the delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete in a single vehicle. 
    • Auger Shot
    • Auger11
    • Auger Shot

Mixamate and Limecrete work on Crossrail Project

  • Jul 16 '14

Last month Mixamate was called in to help on a Crossrail project being carried out by sustainable construction supplier, The Limecrete Company Ltd

The job took place at London Bridge, where the old Victorian railway arches needed reinforcing with a new round of concrete. The specialist job was carried out by Limecrete, as the requirements of the work meant that lime concrete was required, allowing for some movement and being less restrictive than traditional mix. 
Limecrete required a local operator that was capable of carrying out work on this scale, and Mixamate delivered 60 cubic metres of concrete to a tight site in the heart of London with limited access.
Mixamate’s unique Concrete Pumping Truck rose to the challenge, providing an all in one solution for Limecrete that includes the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle and without the need to hire a separate pump. 
Miles Yallop, Managing Director of the Limecrete Company Ltd., said: “Our Mixer truck is great! For this particular job however we needed something bigger and faster and with Mixamate we got it!”
The job was a huge success and you can view further images from the project on the Limecrete Facebook page here
    • Mixamate Shard
    • Limecrete Mixamate
    • Limecrete Logo

Andy Love MP meets with Mixamate Managing Director Chris Smith

  • Jul 5 '14

Mixamate was on Friday paid a special visit by Andy Love, Labour Co-op Member of Parliament for Edmonton since 1997. 

The two met to discuss the promotion of sensible regulation and safety in the building industry. High on the agenda was a series of new legislative changes being proposed for the owners and operators of batched on site vehicles. Mixamate Managing Director, Chris smith, is also the Chairman of the Batched on Site Association, who's mission is to ensure high standards of self-regulation and operation through the batched on site industry. 

The meeting proved to be a huge success and stay tuned to our blog for information to follow. 

    • Chris and Andy Love MP

Mixamate Lays the Foundations for New Lego Displays at LEGOLAND

  • Jan 23 '14

Mixamate – the UK’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed – this week began work on-site at the official LEGOLAND Windsor Resort. 

LEGOLAND is busy preparing new displays for its forthcoming visitor season, and the huge larger than life Lego blocks displays at the park require solid concrete foundations to ensure that they remain safely in place.
This specialist job requires direct and often awkward on-site access that only our unique All-in-One Concrete Pumping Truck can provide. There we are laying foundations in the middle of a drained artificial lake, where a brand new Lego attraction will make up the centre-piece. 
The job requires 50m+ of mix on site concrete, which is being mainly delivered by the Concrete Pumping Truck’s 80 metre pumping hose. 
In addition by sending in a second Mixamate Conqueror vehicle, we are able to deliver up to 24 metres of concrete per delivery from truck to trench, administering two full lorry load’s in a single delivery using just two trucks with two drivers. This removes the need to hire a separate Concrete Pump, or indeed additional labour to barrow the materials into the trench. 
For more information on the unique Mixamate All-in-One Concrete Pumping Truck simply click here, and in the meantime we have managed to snap a couple of images of the park for you to have a look at!
    • Mixamate Legoland 1
    • Mixamate Legoland 2
    • Mixamate Legoland 2

BSA Releases Updated Code of Practice Manual

  • Dec 13 '13

London UK, Friday 13 December 2013: The Batched on Site Association (BSA) – the trade association for the Mobile Batching Plant (MBP) industry – today released an updated edition of its Code of Practice Manual, aimed at increasing safety standards throughout the batched-on-site industry. 

With 500+ vehicles on the road, the batched-on-site sector accounts for 25% of the total concrete batching plant industry in the UK. The Batched on Site Association (BSA) was set-up in 2007 to help the MBP industry regulate the operation of these vehicles.  
Safety Enhancements
The update follows the Association’s AGM earlier this month, where the BSA Committee and its wider membership passed a motion to amend the current documentation. The updated edition of the BSA Code of Practice Manual has been specifically designed to increase the safety standards within the industry. 
With an increasing number of cyclists on Britain’s roads, particularly in London, the key change to the code of practice is the mandatory introduction of Under-Run bars to all Mobile Batching Plant vehicles, in-line with the current legislation for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). These crucial safety additions are designed to protect cyclists and other road users from coming into contact with vehicle wheels in the eventuality of an accident.  
    • Chris Office

Official Comment

BSA Chairman and Managing Director of Mixamate, Chris Smith, said: “On behalf of the entire Batched on Site Association, I am pleased to release the new and updated BSA Code of Practice. Since 2007, we have sought to regulate and represent the activities of the owners and operators of mobile batching plants. The new update to the Code of Practice has been specifically designed to bring the sector’s safety guidance up to date in light of the increasing number of cyclists on our roads, who need to be protected.”
The BSA meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the key points of the industry.  
About the Batched on Site Association
The BSA was established in 2007 with the objective of representing the interests of operators of Mobile Batching Plants (MBP). This characteristic distinguishes the MBP from drum-mixer heavy goods vehicles that haul pre-mixed product from the batching plants to points of delivery. The Batched on Site Association is committed to promoting high industry standards and providing the latest information within the UK Mobile Batching Plant sector, and you can view our latest newsletters, information, and technical documents on the resources section of our site. For further information please visit: http://www.batchedonsite.org/.
    • BSA Logo

Mixamate Night Job Produces Spectacular Scenes

  • Nov 12 '13

Unlike large ready mix concrete delivery firms, one of the advantages of using Mixamate’s nimble mix on site delivery service is that we are able to provide flexible delivery times. This includes night jobs, which are often essential for some of our customers, especially when emergency concreting work needs to take place. 

On a recent night job earlier this month our driver, Terry, snapped some spectacular images, which you can see below. 
With the new Mixamate Concrete Pumping Truck we are able to provide delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from an all in one single vehicle. And because with Mixamate you only pay for what you take, there is no waste – ideal for those hard to reach emergency jobs where you are never quite sure exactly how much you might need. 
Night jobs are a rarity and we try to limit them wherever we can, but if you do have a concrete emergency and this is the only time we can gain access to site then we would be delighted to help. Contact us here for further information.
    • Mixamate night job 1
    • Mixamate night job 2
    • Mixamate night job 1

Mixamate is King of Concrete

  • Oct 29 '13

This month Mixamate was called out to jobs on not one but TWO of the UK’s most prestigious castles. 

In a month when Prince George – now third in line to the throne – was Christened, the mix on site concrete and screed providers were called on-site to assist in maintenance work on the grounds of both Windsor Castle and Leeds Castle.
There must have been something in the water in the Moat’s of these castles in October, because these were two separate jobs for individual contractors at separate Castle locations! 
We’d like to crown ourselves King of Concrete for the Royal Realm, and should the Queen or any of her immediate family be reading our blog (we know that they are regular readers) then we’d like to extend a warm thank-you for having us along!
    • Leeds Castle Image
    • Leeds Castle Image

Mixamate Recruiting for New Driver

  • Sep 18 '13

Mixamate is looking for an additional HGV2 driver who is based in North London and interested in varied work. You’ll be earning top rates of pay, as well as driving some of our world famous machines, such as our Concrete Pumping Truck and our Screed Pumping Truck. Full training will be given, and you’d be working with a fantastic crowd of people!

If you are interested in applying for this brilliant opportunity, please email, or send your CV, to:
Or phone on: 020 8289 1172
If you'd like any further information on Mixamate, please contact us here
    • Truck at Wembly

New Mixamate Concrete Pumping Truck Featured In Agg-Net

  • Aug 6 '13

The new Mixamate Concrete Pumping Truck has this month been featured in Agg-Net, as it was announced that they are gaining their second all-in-one concrete truck. We have copied and pasted the full article for you belowe and it was first published in Agg-Net here. For further information, please contact Mixamate here


Company adds second all-in-one concrete delivery, mixing and pumping vehicle to its fleet

MIXAMATE, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mix on-site concrete and screed, have announced the addition of a second ‘all-in-one’ concrete pumping truck to their fleet, with a third machine already in production.
The unique truck provides concrete delivery, mixing and pumping from a single vehicle. At 11m long, the flexible vehicle is capable of pumping concrete up to 50m away at a rate of up to 12 cubic metres per delivery.
It eliminates the need to hire a separate concrete pump, administering concrete mixes directly from mobile batching plant to trench. This significantly reduces labour, delivery and transportation costs, as well as removing the problems traditionally associated with separate concrete pump storage and cleaning.
Since the launch of the original Mixamate concrete pumping truck in January this year, demand has been high for the all-in-one machine.
Chris Smith, managing director of Mixamate, commented: ‘Many contractors are seeing the advantage of only having one truck on site with a small footprint of just 11m and being able to offer delivery, mixing and pumping all in one. It has been very popular for short, smaller jobs around town where access is tight or the terrain is an issue. We hope to add even more trucks to the fleet this year.’
With the concrete truck fleet expansion, Mixamate aim to significantly ramp their business coverage across the UK construction market, in addition to the existing concrete delivery and screed pumping services they offer.
    • MixamateA Agg-Net coverage