Liquid Screed

As of October 2017 Mixamate now offers a brand new Liquid Screed service! Liquid screed can offer a hassle free, cost-effective alternative to traditional dry screed products. We've teamed up with Gypsol, one of the UK's leading liquid screed formulas, to provide the highest standard of liquid screed available on the market today. What's more, our all-in-one Screed Pumping Truck is capable of the delivery, mixing, and pumping of screed from a single vehicle, which greatly reduces the headache associated with these kinds of jobs.

Sand & Cement Screed

Sand and cement screed is ideal for a wide range of general flooring and roofing applications. Screed is suitable for use on suspended floors or as a topping to lightweight screeds and insulation, and it is possible to pump floor screed with the appropriate pump. For ready mix screed prices, please call your local Mixamate branch via the Contact page on our website, and a member of our dedicated team will be on hand to help. Of course, you can also contact us in this way for concrete delivery prices.

We can assist estimating quantities, discuss screed types and mixing screed requirements and we even have a list of professional screeders that we can recommend to you. Please note our minimum charge is for 4 tonnes of screed delivered. Our screed is manufactured on site in our vehicles pan mixer therefore our operators are able to adjust the consistency to your exact requirements.

Screed Services

Screeding is becoming an increasingly integral part of the build process, and ike concrete screed delivery is one of Mixamate's core services. The quality of our mix on site product is equal to any form of ready mixed screed you will find from a batching plant.

Utilising our weigh batched computer controlled Conqueror machine a consistent quality screed is guaranteed and with each batch including a retardant the mix maintains its workability for 6 hours, allowing you sufficient time to place and finish.

This means that Mixamate provides you with the most convenient flooring and external screed delivery service there is - when you want it, where you want it and in whatever quantities you need.

All in One Screed Pumping Truck

Mixamate offers several screed services to meet your exact screed requirements. Our unique All-in-One Screed Pumping Truck is capable of delivering, mixing, and screed pumping from a single vehicle, meaning you don’t need to hire a separate screed pump anymore! This means less hassle, less cleaning, and less vehicles required on site. We deliver screed in London and around the South East. 

Our standard screed pumping trucks come complete with a 50m on-board pumping hose, as well as an on-board boom. We can also provide mini-dumper and barrowing services where requested, although the majority of times these days the on-board pump proves to be the most efficient method of delivery. Our trucks are capable of carrying 22 tons of screed, and multiple vehicles can be arranged to site where required. Each vehicle is just 11m long with a width of 2.8m, allowing easy access to even the tightest of sites. 

How Much Screed Will I Need?

Successful screeding requires careful calculation. To calculate the exact amount of screed you need for the job please use Mixamate's Screed Calculator.

How long will my screed take to dry?

A Standard screed will on average dry at a rate of 1mm per day, i.e. if your screed was placed at a depth of 75mm your screed would require 75 days to fully complete the drying process before you should apply any finishing’s to the surface. Screed will generally allow foot traffic after 48 hours. If quicker drying times are required please contact us about our quick drying screed additive. 

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