Concrete pumping in Central London

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Mixamate last week made a special out of hours journey to carry out concrete pumping in the Tower Hill area of Central London. In a tight space and within a limited timeframe our unique all in one Concrete Pumping Truck was able to deliver in double quick time and with no fuss.

Hotels can be notoriously difficult spaces to refurbish. With so many guests coming and going on a regular basis, any maintenance work that threatens to close down the whole or even part of the premises even for a short time is bad news for profitability. it is therefore crucial to minimise downtime and maximise profits. And so in one of our most recent jobs Mixamate provided a solution to (quite literally) work around the hotel we were pumping on and deliver concrete directly from truck to trench.

Using two Mixamate lorries the company administered 7.5 m3 of C40 concrete into a trench built for a new slab in a busy hotel near Tower Hill. The concrete line pumps of both lorries were utilised simultaneously to build one ‘super hose’ of more than 125m in length that would first stretch around the front façade of the hotel, then around Tower Hill station, and finally reach back around and down into the rear of the premises to pump concrete directly into a hole dug 8 metres into the ground.

The job utilised two trucks, two drivers, and was carried out from arrival to completion in just under 2hrs. We were also helped by the tremendously efficient walky-talky system that was used by the site staff to make calls from one end of the hose to another and help us precisely control the speed of pumping to allow the guys working in the trench to administer the mix in a safe and efficient way.

It was a smooth and swift operation that saw great teamwork between the Mixamate drivers and our customers alike to leverage the full benefits of our pioneering all in one Concrete Pumping technology.