Concrete Pumping in London

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It’s been a summer of unique jobs for Mixamate, as our all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck has been called out across London and the South East to pump concrete into many hard to reach sites.

It’s not just particularly tricky locations where concrete pumping can prove beneficial. Our all-in-one machine removes the headache from mix on site concrete delivery wherever it is called. Site contractors no longer need to worry about administering the concrete from truck to trench. Where once methods like barrowing, shovelling, and mini-dumpers needed to be considered, right up to going to the lengths of hiring a separate concrete pump, we can now provide delivery, mixing, and pumping in a single, hassle free service.

Such has been the popularity of this new system our machine has been nominated for an Award at the prestigious London construction Awards this year, recognising the technology as a pioneering step forward in the way the the mix on site sector operates.

We’ve been to the V&A Museum, up and down Oxford Street, across bridges and docks, and throughout the wider south east and south coast regions. You can view a video of our Concrete Pumping Truck in action here, and as always with Mixamate for free and friendly advice on any upcoming jobs please just get in contact with us directly.