Mixamate works on Glass Paving job in London’s Westend

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Last month Mixamate was called into the centre of London, to provide concrete for an interesting glass paving job. You can find glass bricks, or glass blocks as they’re also known, dotted all around the city centre, and they allow pedestrians to walk directly over basement premises while still admitting light. It is an interesting architectural quirk that we take for granted across our UK cities, and was originally invented in the early 1900’s to provide natural light in manufacturing plants.

The job was for Ricky Shields Pavement Lights – a company that has been a customer of Mixamate Concrete & Screed for more than 25 years. Ricky said:

“Pavement lights are the things you walk over without giving it a second thought,” said Shields. “By their nature they are used in tight inner city spaces, and for that we required the Mixamate mix on site service. There’s no waste, we can dictate exactly how much we need what consistency of mix we require – including a C40, which is what we need for this sort of job. It’s just a much much easier system to use and the service is always friendly. And having worked with him for so long Chris, the Mixamate Managing Director, is always on hand to help us out should we ever need him.”