Rail job on track as flexibility pays off

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Mixamate was recently called into a weekend job on a railway depot where the unique flexibility of our service proved essential. 

Taking place on a Sunday when inconvenience to services could be minimised, the customer had misjudged the amount of concrete required for the job and 50% more concrete than had originally been ordered was required.

Luckily our handy mix on site service meant that Mixamate was able to return to a nearby yard and do a quick reload to ensure that the job was carried out in full within the allocated maintenance window. It’s a good example of the versatility of our service, and the extra lengths that the company will go to to ensure that our customer’s needs are met.

This was a difficult job in a very sensitive area of the rail network that needed to be completed on the day. It took 10hrs to finish in the end as the events of the day unfolded, which is significantly longer than are average delivery time, but was worth it in the end to see an important transport hub completed on deadline.