Mixamate delivers to Buckingham Palace

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Mixamate this morning made a screed delivery to Buckhingham Palace, where on-going improvement work continues. The residence took delivery of a total of 18 tons of pumped screed, and despite presenting numerous challenges the entire job was completed within 3hrs from arrival to departure.

The Central London landscape can often provide difficulties in the effective delivery of concrete and screed. In fact this is often one reason that companies choose to use Mixamate – our all-in-one machines provide the delivery, mixing and pumping of concrete and screed from a single vehicle, making them the perfect vehicles to operate within tight London locations. Nowhere is this truer than at Buckingham Palace, where strong security measures, busy roads, and a constant flow of intrigued tourists means that vehicles need to transfer in and out quickly and within procedure.

We’re unable to talk too much about the specifics of the job, and photography was strictly prohibited inside the grounds. However, the Mixamate marketing team was on-hand to capture a handful of shots from the outside!

It’s a huge honour to take responsibility for such an important job, and is further testament to Mixamate’s reputation as one of the most well established and well respected names in the mix on site industry.