Boom in Action

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Mixamate was recently called onto a job where our on-board boom extension was required to deliver concrete over a fence and beyond a garden pond to the required spot.

Use of the boom is not a sight that we often see, since our 60m on-board pumping hose (stretching to 100m where necessary) is usually flexible enough to deliver materials around most obstacles. However, the boom is occasionally required to elevate the line above high terrain, or to completely avoid more delicate features, such as in this instance.

The 8 metre job in Kent was carried out within 1hr and provided an effective way to solve a local builder’s problem. Just over the fence sat the Customer’s Koi carp pond and by using the boom we were able to complete the delivery without disturbing the the fish.

So the fish, the builder, the customer and we were all happy with the outcome – we love a happy ending!