Concrete pumping machine

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Mixamate is this month featured in Rail Professional magazine, in an article examining the applicability of our unique all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck to the rail sector.

“Mixamate is increasingly being called into railway jobs that require smaller amounts of concrete, but usually require greater flexibility,” said Chris Smith, managing director for Mixamate and chairman of the Batched on Site Association. “For signal boxes and level-crossings, our concrete pumping truck is perfect, because you don’t often know the exact quantities you will need and with Mixamate you only pay for what you take, so there is no waste.”

With 25 lorries already on the road and more in production, the Mixamate service is currently expanding. Each batch of our concrete comes with a computerised ticket, revealing – unlike traditional volumetric mixers – the exact strength and balance of the mix, and providing batching plant standard quality from a handy mix on site service.