Particle sized distribution testing

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Mixamate’s expanded in-house testing lab is this month featured in Concrete Magazine, the official publication of the concrete society.

In an article highlighting the new developments that have been made to our in-house testing lab and on-site testing capabilities, the magazine looks at the intricacies that go into modern mix on site concrete testing, and how our scientific approach to material production helps us to produce batching plant standard mixes in a handy mix on-site service.

“There are a few mix on site companies that carry out the very basic testing measures,” said John Macleod, head of quality control for Mixamate. “We carry out a lot of in-depth testing such as air entrainment testing, slump testing, cube testing, cube testing and we are constantly carrying out trial mixes on a regular basis, whether it is to our new or existing admixtures, to try to help further improve the quality of product supplied.”

With the improved facilities, Mixamate can now turn around aggregate smaples within 24 hours, inclusive of particle sized distribution testing. The new set of measurements provides further quality to an already intensive amount of in-house testing.