Mixamate featured in Construction Plant News

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Mixamate has this month been featured in Construction Plant News, in an article charting the arrival of our brand new All-in-One Liquid Screed Pumping Truck. The new machine is now out on the road, and is the latest in a series of new innovations that we have added to our fleet this year.

Speaking to the publication, Mixamate Managing Director and Chairman of the Batched on Site Association, Chris Smith, said: “Liquid screed is something we have been asked for increasingly this year. It comes with certain advantages over sand and cement screed, particularly with the growing popularity of underfloor heating. If people want the option for liquid screed we can deliver any amount from as little as 2m3. Both this new product and our traditional screed mixes can be administered through our all-in-one pumping machines. This dramatically reduces the hassle associated with this type of work.”

The new machine removes the need for companies to hire a separate screed pump, reducing hassle and labour costs and greatly advancing traditional on-site screed pumping practices. The all-in-one truck simply drives to the required site, mixes the materials within the vehicle, and pumps the liquid screed directly into the required space via an 80 metre on-board pumping hose.

The article also highlights Mixamate’s admission to the Association of Specialist Underpinning Contractors (ASUC) as an associate member, as the company plans to roll its new liquid screeding service out across the entire UK screed sector:

“Mixamate is extremely pleased to be a part of the ASUC,” added Smith. “A huge amount of the jobs we are called into now revolve around basement work and underpinning. As the Chairman of the Batched on Site Association and and the Managing Director of a firm that has taken significant steps in recent years to enhance the quality of its own in-house testing and service technologies, I am very pleased to be affiliated with an organisation that takes an equally thorough approach to high standards and quality control within the industry. We look forward to working with the ASUC as closely as possible.”