Mixamate delivers to Westminster Abbey

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Mixamate recently made a special screed delivery to Westminster Abbey, driving straight through the famous Gothic arches of the church to access the inner grounds, where improvement works were taking place to enhance one of the existing public buildings.

While our all-in-one Concrete and Screed Pumping Trucks are proving to be an increasingly popular form of delivery, Mixamate is still occasionally required to deliver materials to site through more traditional means. This was recently the case at Westminster Abbey, where we were asked to deliver just four tonnes of screed via wheelbarrowing.

The lorry was required to drive directly through the Abbey’s famous arches, with the small chassis making the all-in-one machine perfect for site access. In this instance pumping was not necessary, as the customer was working directly with private road access and employing a small team who were on hand to barrow the mix on site screed in.

The job made for some fantastic photos, which you can view in full here, and highlights the ease with which our machinery is able to access and operate on site.