Mixamate teams up with Longfloor

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Mixamate has teamed up with screed manufacturers Longfloor to optimise our liquid screeds with their additive, Integracure.

We’re thrilled to announce that Mixamate are now working with Longfloor, who provide dry powder bulk binders for the manufacture of cement-based liquid screed. Integacure, their new additive, revolutionises the way liquid screeds are applied.

Traditionally, horizontally-laid self-compacting concrete and liquid screeds have come with the same limitations. They depend on:

  • The appropriate curing agent being used
  • The right application equipment
  • Applying the correct dosage

Often, this can be a complicated balance to achieve, but the addition of Integracure removes the need for these steps. This is because, unlike other current liquid cement screeds, it contains an integral curing agent, meaning:

  • No need for additional spray
  • Quicker drying times
  • It’s laitance-free
  • Compatible with all types of primers, grouts and adhesives
  • Can be laid in wet rooms
  • Over 1000M squared can easily be laid in a single visit
  • Ideal for under-floor heating

Perfect for both domestic and commercial use, Integracure is produced in the Peak District by Longcliffe Quarries. It’s then added to Longfloor’s existing product during the manufacturing stage at their facility in Derbyshire.

Mixamate are now offering liquid cement screeds with Integracure to those within the M25. For more information, get in touch with our friendly contact team who are here to offer free advice and information on delivery and concrete prices.