Check out Mixamate’s self-levelling concrete

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We have a variety of solutions for your concrete needs, including self-levelling concrete.

Looking to repair, smooth or raise a floor? Self-levelling concrete can be a fuss-free solution to your concrete needs. Now also available from our Yorkshire depot!

Self-leveling concrete flows easier and is much faster than normal concrete solutions to lay, providing a smooth and flat surface within 1-2 hours – with less labour! However, this quick and easy concrete solution doesn’t scrimp on quality, maintaining water resistance and providing a compressive strength that is higher than that of traditional concrete.  Plus, it guarantees low plastic viscosity, high flowability, low segregation, low bleeding and stability.

Our self-levelling concrete is simply mixed and pumped  into place and spread evenly with a daddling bar, no tamping required. Providing the perfect base for tile, carpet, or other floor coverings.

To find out whether self-levelling concrete is what you’re looking for, call one of our expert advisers.

Learn more about Mixamate’s self-levelling concrete here