Advantages Over Ready Mix

If you need a vast amount, ready-mixed concrete is perfectly suitable, but the large-scale ready-mixed suppliers can’t always cater for the smaller quantities. Mixamate specialises in the smaller mix on site amounts, so we’re the ideal delivery service for small and medium sized jobs like driveways, garage bases, garden paths, footings and oversites. Mixamate can be far more cost efficient than mixing it yourself. Mixamate saves you the expense and inconvenience of hiring equipment and allocating valuable labour to mix concrete – or wasting time waiting for another delivery if you’ve underestimated the amount of materials required.

Mix on Site Concrete

In this section of our site you will find answers to frequently asked questions and technical information, as well as dedicated How-To Guides offering instructions and insights on the most effective and efficent ways of working with concrete & screed. Please click below to view the following links:

How-To Guides

Alternatively for concrete prices and more information on the bached on site sector please clilck through to the contact section of our site to speak to a dedicated member of the Mixamate team.