It is not possible to transport the screed from the lorry in wheel barrows can you recommend an alternate method?

Yes it is possible to pump floor screed with the appropriate pump. Mixamate would be happy to recommend a screed pump hire company that we often work closely with. We are also soon to introduce our own specialised screed pumping trucks – which will eliminate the need for external screed pumps for hire. We are able to deliver the screed direct into the pump for pumping right to your discharge point. Mixamate drivers are fully trained in the safe operation of a screed pump and are able to offer this service at a small extra charge.

It has been suggested that I need a very strong fast drying screed, can you help?

Our special quick drying screed additive can be added into the screeding process during mixing. Floor screeding can be a bit of a science to get right, and the flexibility of Mixamate and our vehicles is such that we can make screeds to your specification. Please contact us for any speciality screed requirements, we will be only too pleased to help.