First introduced in 2005, Mixamate’s Conqueror vehicle has been a pioneer of mix on site technology for more than a decade. 

Traditional volumetric concrete mixers are incapable of matching the accuracy and consistency of batching plant standard concrete, since they rely on an estimated calculation based on the number of revolutions that take place during mixing and with no weight-based measurement system.

The Mixamate Conqueror vehicle has changed all that, greatly advancing both the sophistication and reputation of the mix on site sector along the way. Each machine within the Mixamate fleet contains an on-board computer that mathematically calculates the mixing process and provides a printed ticket to verify the exact strength of mix being produced.

This allows us to provide batching plant standard concrete in the form of a handy mix on site service. Special mixes are also catered for using the on-board weighed batched system thus allowing a wide range of both liquid or powder admixtures or the introduction of fibres to meet customers requirements. It’s a technology that has been featured many times across the national, trade, and television media during the past 20 years, and we continue to develop our offering, seeking improved solutions to traditional volumetric mixing, which is now outdated.

Since 2015, the company has been investing in all-in-one on-board pumping technology. These new Concrete Pumping and Screed Pumping machines provide the delivery, mixing, and pumping of materials from a single vehicle – meaning you don’t need to hire a separate concrete pump or screed pump anymore! Through this latest round of manufacturing advancements, we have been able to update the very mix on site process alongside technology updates.

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