Mixamate Concrete & Screed are proud to introduce their latest design of our Conqueror vehicle to our customers. First introduced into our business in 2005 the Conqueror has revolutionized the way that both Concrete and Screed is produced by an on site mix operation.

This unique vehicle batches each and every mix by weighing all of the materials in the production of our Concrete and Screed which is undoubtedly the most accurate and efficient method available today, all controlled via its on board computer. This gives a significantly more accurate measure of mix than volumetric concrete machines, which are only able to estimate quantities based on the number of revolutions that take place during mixing and with no weight based measurement system.

Additionally the Conqueror Machine, linked to a central printer, also gives a complete breakdown of the mix that has been batched right throughout the production, inclusive of any admixtures that have been requested. It is a machine that has achieved editorial acclaim in Professional Builder Magazine.

Concrete & Screed

The capacity of these vehicles is 12metres of Concrete or 20 tonnes of Screed making it the largest capacity of any vehicle on the market in fact it is so versatile it is able to produce quantities of both products from a single delivery.

Even discharging our products Mixamate is able to offer alternative methods via its discharge conveyor which will extend to a full 3.7m ( 12 feet ) through a discharge arc of 170 degrees from the rear of the vehicle into one of the three wheelbarrows carried on the vehicles for our customers use at no addition cost, or via our on board rubber track Mini Dumper. This Mini Dumper has the ability to hold a third of a cubic metre which is operated for you by one of our fully trained drivers and is able to enter openings as low as 800mm and above for those restricted access contracts you may have.

Mix on Site

Mixamate’s Concrete and Screed is mixed fresh on site at the point of delivery thus eliminating any potential loss of workability. Special mixes are also catered for using the on board weighed batched system thus allowing a wide range of both liquid or powder admixtures or the introduction of fibres to meet our customers requirements.

The Conqueror allows customers to purchase as little or much as they require as you only pay for what you lay.

Give the Conqueror a try, and experience the difference for yourself.

The Conqueror Machine measurements are as follows:
Width: 8’- 6”
Length: 33 feet
Height: 12’- 0”
Weight: 32 Tonnes Gross
Conveyor belt distance: 8’- 6”