Our All-New Concrete Pumping Truck is now available for use throughout London, the South East & Yorkshire.

This specialist truck has been exclusively engineered by Mixamate to allow for the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle – so you don’t need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore!


This greatly reduces transport and labour costs, and allows all sizes of work to be pumped directly into the location desired. It’s a modern alternative to wheelbarrowing, and can accommodate a controlled volume of concrete being placed per hour

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Additional Concrete Pumping Services

If our fleet of Concrete Pumping Trucks is for any reason fully booked, Mixamate is also able to provide concrete pumping directly into trenches via third party concrete pumps. These are connected directly to our Conqueror mixing trucks to provide our batching plant quality content through pumping. For more information on our Concrete Pumping Services that do not require our Concrete Pumping Truck simply view the video listed here.

The concrete can cleanly be placed over, under, around or behind obstacles, making it ideal for locations with difficult access points. The Concrete can be placed quickly and it eliminates the requirement for cranes, buckets, elevators and wheelbarrows. A mobile concrete pump can place concrete for footings, slabs, bridges, new builds, extensions, swimming pools, general building….The list is endless!

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