Welcome to Mixamate – the UK’s leading concrete delivery service that offers both ready mixed and self-levelling concrete in Chesterfield and across the country.

At Mixamate we take pride in our high quality customer service and products that ensure that our customers stay with us for life. Our range of products and knowledge means that whatever your concrete needs we will be able to provide the solution for you, with options spanning from straight pour to pumping, mini-dumper to borrowing. Check out our beaming reviews on Google and TrustPilot to find out why you need to start using Mixamate to solve your concrete needs.

Mixamate provides at site concrete services in Greenwich and nationwide. For services outside Greenwich, please search by name below.

Servicing Fleet

Are you looking for concrete solutions in Chesterfield? Look no further than Mixamate. For over 40 years we have been supplying concrete services across the UK including Chesterfield, Worksop and Sheffield.

At Mixamate we like to make concrete fuss-free and easy. This is why we are the only company in the UK that has a pump attached to each truck – meaning you don’t need to hire a separate pump. We also have flexible hoses that reach up to 90 meters, ideal for terraced housing and those hard to reach areas. Plus, our self-levelling concrete is a great and simple alternative, as this modified cement is easy to apply for smooth and level surfaces, high water resistance and greater durability. Give us a call to find out more about your options.

Ultimately, we make sure that we cater to all our customers’ needs offering a variety of services and products that make any concrete job possible – no matter how big or small. We deliver high quality concrete, which is measured in weight not quantity and is completely traceable meaning that you can ensure you have received the exact concrete you have ordered. This consistent and reliable service means that we have built long standing customers, who can rely on us to meet their concreting needs.

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If you are not based in Chesterfield, please visit our Contact page to find a Mixamate near you!