Welcome to Mixamate – the leading company for mix on site concrete and concrete pumping in Horsham, West Sussex. At last there’s an alternative to bulk delivery of ready-mixed concrete & screed that doesn’t mean manual mixing.

Mixamate provides the happy medium – a modern concrete delivery service that supplies concrete & screed when you want, where you want, and in whatever quantities you need. So we deliver the exact amount you need – no more, no less!

Mixamate provides mix at site concrete services in Horsham and nationwide. For services outside Horsham, please search by name below.

Servicing Horsham

Mixamate has been delivering concrete and screed throughout the U.K. including Horsham, Warnham Park, Broadbridge Heath and Roffey Park for over 35 years. We provide a range of mix on site concrete services including straight-pour, pumping, mini-dumper, and barrowing, as well as ready mix screed.

Our website will guide you through the full range of services and delivery options available, as well as information on how to lay concrete and concrete and screed calculators to help you determine the exact proportions of materials you require.

Alternatively, if you are looking for concrete and screed services outside Horsham, then please visit our Contact page to find your local branch.