Until now it has been necessary to hire a separate screed pump to administer screed into those hard to reach areas. Unlike concrete screed is predominantly used in the implementation of indoor flooring, meaning that in reality those ‘hard to reach’ areas account for a relatively high amount of the total annual screed jobs carried out in the UK.

Luckily the high costs associated with hiring an additional screed pump are quickly becoming a thing of the past, thanks to Mixamate’s revolutionary new screed pumping truck! This new technology facilitates the delivery, mixing, and pumping of screed from a single vehicle, completely eliminating the need for a separate screed pumping machine and dramatically reducing the costs and hassle associated with a traditional screed pumping job.

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Cost Savings & Environmental Benefits

  • Delivers, mixes, & pumps screed in one
  • Pre-loaded with batching plant materials
  • Capable of carrying up to 20 tons of screed
  • Can pump screed up to 80 metres away
  • Operated by a single driver
  • No need for a separate screed pump
  • Reduces transportation and labour costs
  • Environmentally friendly in reducing CO2 output
  • Complete service without additional hassle

Simply click “play” on the video above to see the new Mixamate screed pumping truck in action, showing every process of the screeding process being administered by the new screed lorry from screed delivery, to on site screed mixing, to long-range pumping into the desired floor screeding area. Alternatively you can visit the screed pumping truck gallery section of our website to look at the latest images from our on site screed team.

Please note that this truck was launched in October 2011 and is currently only available within the London and the South East – however after a successful launch period we now plan to roll out these services to our wider customer base and an additional lorry carrying the same capabilities for concrete pumping is also on the way, so keep your eyes peeled to our blog – the Concrete Mix – for updates.

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