At last there’s an alternative to the bulk delivery of ready mix concrete & ready mix screed that doesn’t mean manual mixing, and offers a far superior quality of concrete mixed on site than volumetric concrete operators. With Mixamate you only pay for what you lay, and we can administer mix on site concrete and screed via straight pour, concrete pumping, mini dumper and barrow mix, ensuring an efficient cost of concrete with no waste. To find out more about our mix on site concrete & screed delivery methods, including our pioneering new screed pumping truck, simply click on the boxes below.

More Than Simply Concrete Mix

Mixamate prides itself not only on our highly sophisticated range of concrete delivery methods, but also on the personalised service and technical expertise that we are able to offer each and every one of our customers. You can contact us directly for concrete prices and advice on strength of mix, or for a quick estimate on the exact amounts you need you can use our on site concrete calculator and screed calculator services.

For floor screeding jobs, our dedicated screeding team will be able to advise on quantity, quality of mix, screed drying times, and you can also take advantage of our unique quick drying screed service, Q Screed, which will greatly reduce the waiting times before floor screed can be worked on. Once the job is completed, you’ll receive a computerised ticket from our Conqueror Mixing Truck, which metrically weighs every ingredient that goes into the mix, giving you a step by step breakdown of the consistency and amount of your mix on site concrete and mix on site screed.