New for 2014, Mixamate is able to provide a robust Waterproof Concrete product, certified by the Environmental Scientifics Group (ESG).

This can be administered via any of our delivery methods. The waterproof offering, named Mixamate Waterblock, allows grains of cement to slide past each other using a lower concentration of water in the concrete mix.

This allows the concrete crystals to lock together more closely, removing the porosity from the mix, and creating a stronger form of concrete that is suitably reinforced to lock out water.

It is a formula that provides a completely waterproof mix operating on a ‘Triple Proof’ principal arming the mix against water, vapour, and gas. The additive mix being used to make the mix is UKAS accredited and won a BCR Product Innovation Award as recently as July 2014.

If you require Waterproof Concrete for any of your jobs then please mention it to a member of our dedicated sales team, who you can get in contact with directly here.

For those planning to lay concrete in extreme weather conditions, we also offer advice and technical specifications on Cold weather concreting and Hot weather concreting.