Mixamate aren’t the only company in London who deliver liquid cement screed. But what makes us unique is… We are the only one that mix on site using our mobile batching plant and then pump it directly to where it’s needed from the same vehicle, and lay it for you too!

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All other liquid screed businesses use third-party companies to supply their liquid screed, making the laying process more time-consuming and often more expensive.

At Mixamate, customer satisfaction is a top priority. Our customers won’t be surprised with unexpected costs, or burdened with unnecessary stress. You’ll get exactly what you pay for: a process that is fast, clean and expertly laid!

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Liquid screed laying service recommended!

Why Mixamate to supply and lay your screed?

From our laying service, you’ll get:

  • A team of two in-house expert layers
  • Liquid screed mixed and laid on site without delay
  • Anywhere from 2 to 10 cubic meters in one delivery
  • An all-in-one truck, meaning no separate pumping machine
  • No under or over ordering – you get exactly what you need

We use a game-changing development in construction. Longfloor liquid cement screed contains an integral curing agent, dries in ⅓ of the time of traditional screeds, and is compatible with all grouts, primers and adhesives.

No sanding down when it’s dry unlike all other screeds

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Mixamate Self-levelling concrete

Mixamate liquid screed laying service

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