As of October 2017, Mixamate has been supplying Liquid Screed across London. Liquid screed can offer a hassle free, cost-effective alternative to traditional dry screed products.

We are proud to say we now supply Longcliffe Longfloor liquid screed, one of the UK’s leading liquid screed formulas, to provide the highest standard of liquid screed available on the market today. What’s more, our all-in-one Screed Pumping Truck is capable of the delivery, mixing, and pumping of 10m3 in a single visit of screed from a single vehicle, which greatly reduces the headache associated with these kinds of jobs.

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“Liquid screed is something we are being asked for increasingly this year,” said Chris Smith, Managing Director for Mixamate. “It comes with certain advantages over sand and cement screed, particularly with the growing popularity of underfloor heating. If people want the option for liquid screed we can deliver any amount from 2m3 to 10m3. Both this new product and our traditional screed mixes can be administered through our all-in-one pumping machines, this dramatically reduces the hassle associated with this type of work.”

Advantages of using Liquid Screed

  • Can be administered more quickly than traditional mixes
  • Requires less labour
  • Offers thinner (25mm minimum) and more conductive making it perfect for underfloor heating

Advantages of using the All-in-One Mixamate Screed Pumping Truck 

  • Delivery, mixing, and pumping of screed from a single vehicle reducing hassle and cost
  • 80m on-board pumping hose
  • Service currently available in and around the M25
  • With Mixamate, you only pay for what you use, so there is no waste
  • Mixamate can recommend professional screeders if you require assistance with the job

Additional information – Liquid Screed Description

  • It is designed to offer a smooth flat and level surface for use in the vast majority of interior non wearing applications were a subsequent floor covering is to be used.
  • Is perfectly suited to use in floating, bonded or unbonded construction and can easily incorporate electric or warm water underfloor heating systems.
  • It is pumped directly to where it is needed, removing much of the manual handling operations required to install other screeds.
  • It is finished using a lightweight dappling bar requiring no secondary compaction, thus removing most of the physical work needed to lay other screeds.
  • It is suitable for use on most substrate types.
  • Laitance free meaning no sanding once dry.

How to prepare your floor for liquid screed

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