Straight Pour

Whenever possible we will always try to deliver the concrete by straight pour.

When deciding whether a straight pour can be achieved it must be remembered that the truck is 10.5 metres long, 2.8 metres wide, 4.2 metres high and, when fully loaded, it will be 44 tonnes.

A point to bear in mind is that domestic driveways were never designed to take a vehicle of this size/weight, so for deliveries proposed off the public highway, the ground must be solid and safe to do so, otherwise the driver will not take the vehicle onto it.

Both the conveyer and pump trucks have a reach of 4m for a straight pour, if pump is required we can achieve distances of 80m+ depending on terrain and where the concrete is going.

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Barrowing still accounts for a large quantity of our deliveries. In fact, barrowing is so synonymous with mix on site concrete delivery that our service is still referred to as Barrow Mix in many areas around the UK.

We carry 2 barrows on the truck which are free for Mixamate customers to use. There is an average of 20 barrows to the cubic metre, if you work on the basis that two men can move a metre by barrow if the run is within 30 metres (100 feet) of where the truck is parked in the 20 minutes per metre allowed for delivery.

Mixamate does not carry out the barrowing on behalf of our customers, but we do have a more speedy on-board mini dumper service, which is carried out directly by our driver. Please see the section on the mini dumpers if you would like to use this option. This service is restricted to a distance of 30m from the truck to where concrete is being laid.