Mixamate delivers to new Tottenham stadium

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Ahead of the official opening of the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium at the beginning of April, Mixamate was called in the day before to make a last minute concrete delivery. It was a privilege to be able to help out our local club at short notice, and the job made for some amazing shots of the new ground.

Often on large sites such as this, with multiple works being carried out at once, timings can be tight and things can get pushed back to the last minute. In this particular instance, Mixamate was called in to supply the concrete for wheelchair access ramps that were being placed directly inside the stadium’s main entrance hall.

Our driver, Terry, was invited to drive straight up the stadium’s main access ramp and park on the main concourse. Our onboard pumping hose was not even required on this occasion, as the concrete was barrowed by an on-hand team directly from truck to fill. In total, two ramps were put in place at either end of the main entrance hall, and of course, as we all know the game went ahead as planned, with Spurs beating Crystal Palace 2-0.

For those looking for flexible deliveries, be this due to tight timings or tight site access, the Mixamate mix-on-site service is perfect to meet these needs. We can administer concrete and screed through multiple delivery techniques from barrowing to straight-pour, right through to our new all-in-one concrete and screed pumping trucks, which provide the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single machine.

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