What is self-levelling concrete?

Self-Levelling Concrete is a polymer modified cement that has high flow characteristics and gains strength just like normal concrete does. Now you would have thought wow this must need allot of water to get a flow like this!!! No this is not the case; the concrete is designed using a WRA admixture (Water Reducing Agent) that allows the concrete to flow but without the risks of strength loss. The concrete is carefully tested by our on-site technical team using a flow board and measuring tools, and to get that smooth finish all that’s needed is a dappling bar.

Mixamate Self-levelling concrete

Mixamate self-levelling concrete in action!

Why use Self-levelling concrete?

  • Ease of Application
  • Less Labour Required (Cost Reducing)
  • Levelled and smooth surface is obtained with ease
  • Water resistant surface
  • Easily pumped
  • Best option where formwork is arranged in unusual geometry
  • Compressive strength higher than traditional concrete is obtained
  • Self-Levelling is cohesive and resits bleeding and segregation issues

Application of self-levelling concrete

  • Formwork in place with membrane ground sheet applied
  • Concrete pour area clean from debris and dirt (Must be clean to avoid voids being formed)
  • Wait for one of our friendly drivers to arrive who will work out pipes required for placement
  • Pour concrete to desired level
  • Dapple concrete surface using an up and down motion to create small wave ripples on the surface
  • You should now see the concrete becoming smooth with few air bubbles
  • After concrete pour is complete, we recommend a curing agent to be applied to the surface of the concrete, this will reduce the risk of shrinkage cracks
  • Wait for the concrete to harden usually walkable within 24 hours depending on weather conditions

Read our Self-Levelling prep & Installation Guide

Self levelling concrete recommended!

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