Operating throughout London and the South East, and in selected branches across the UK, Mixamate is the country’s leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed. With a fleet of more than 40 vehicles, we have a range of technology available to meet your concrete and screed requirements. And because with Mixamate you only pay for what you take, there is no waste.

Our all-in-one Concrete Pumping Truck was introduced in 2015, and provides the delivery, mixing, and pumping of concrete from a single vehicle. This means that you don’t need to hire a separate concrete pump anymore, and removes all of the hassle traditionally associated with on-site pumping. Screed Pumping Trucks have now also been introduced, allowing us to provide screed pumping services from up to 100m away, be this onto ground-level, basement, or multistorey floors.

The company has a rich history of innovation in the mix on site sector, and our unique Conqueror vehicle operates on a digitally-controlled mixing and administration system, making Mixamate vastly superior to traditional Volumetric concrete mixers. Each machine within our fleet contains an on-board computer that mathematically calculates the mixing process and provides a printed ticket to verify the exact strength of mix being produced. This allows us to provide batching plant standard concrete in the form of a handy mix on site service.

In addition to concrete pumping and screed pumping, Mixamate also offers more traditional forms of delivery including straight pour, mini-dumper, and barrowing. The nimble Mixamate chassis average a length of approximately 11m per vehicle, allowing our trucks to access tight sites with limited space that other providers are often unable to access. This can be particularly useful in and around the busy London area where a lot of basement and groundwork often takes place.

With more than forty years experience in the mix on site sector, Mixamate is committed to delivering and raising high standards within the industry. Our Managing Director, Chris Smith, is the Chairman of the Batched on Site Association (BSA) – a self-regulatory body that works with the UK Government to help ensure high standards of health & safety and quality control across the industry.

For concrete delivery prices, you can get in contact with a member of our dedicated team directly and additionally, please feel free to call us in advance of the works with any questions you have or advice you may require. For those calculating concrete and screed requirements while out on site, we offer a FREE Concrete Calculator App which you can download here.