At Mixamate we pride ourselves on our first class service, which is one of the reasons that our customers return to us for mix on site concrete and screed again and again. Customers regulalry send in unsolicited comments and emails about their experience with Mixamate, and additionally we also occasioanlly speak to them directly while we are out on-site!

Find out what our customers are saying about us...

“I had a delivery on Saturday 23rd September by your driver, Colin. He arrived early, but then was totally ok about not starting until the booked time – he had a flask of coffee and a newspaper! Colin was very pleasant, listened to requests regarding the mix and did not push on anything. Whilst I did not interact with him very much as I was busy levelling, friends working with me commented on his helpfulness. Colin was a credit to your company, and I would use Mixamate if I needed another delivery — Thank you for your service.”

“On behalf of the 10th Fareham Scout Group we have to say a huge thank-you to Mixamate, who were brilliant to donate this concrete and deliver it to us. We had a successful morning constructing out new fire pits, which will allow the group to practice some exciting survival skills in a secure area. Everyone both Scouts and adults alike were also very impressed with the Mixamate truck. We were so happy with this we posted It on our Facebook page, and it was great to see all the leaders and parents who came and pitched in on the day to help – a real team effort and a really kind gesture from the guy’s at Mixamate to help us out in this way.”

“Particularly when it comes to the smaller jobs, I prefer to use Mixamate due to the ease and convenience of the concrete pump and the mixing on site. Also it works out cheaper when you only pay for what you use (on the smaller jobs). As far as I know, Mixamate is the only company that will send the cube tester out free of charge.”

“Pavement lights are the things you walk over without giving it a second thought. By their nature they are used in tight inner city spaces, and for that we required the Mixamate mix on site service. There’s no waste, we can dictate exactly how much we need what consistency of mix we require – including a C40, which is what we need for this sort of job. It’s just a much much easier system to use and the service is always friendly. And having worked with him for so long Chris, the Mixamate Managing Director, is always on hand to help us out should we ever need him.”

“We are currently doing a big job at Rutland House Knightsbridge and using Mixamate to provide 500 cubic metres altogether on the same site. The on-board concrete pump is a particularly useful feature – it’s very good and you can control the speed of the pumping, which is very useful for us given that we are doing underpinning with plywood timbres and they can easily break with the wrong pressure. The driver is very helpful and the flexibility Mixamate gives us in terms of when we can receive the concrete and plan other site activity around that is hugely valuable.”

“The site was a logistical nightmare with no access from any side of the plot,” said Laurence Nagel, Managing Director of Nagel Services. “However, because the Mixamate Concrete Pumping lorry contains an on-board concrete pump with a 50 metre pumping hose we were able to have the concrete pumped in directly through a street-facing building at the front of the site.”

“It’s clean, it’s easy, and there is no need to hire additional workers for barrowing” said Mr. Nagel. “I would recommend it every time.”

“I am currently working on a job in Belgravia, which sees us regularly using the Screed Pumping truck. When we first used the truck, Mixamate were brilliant and gave us all the relevant information straight away. They gave us the health and safety instructions, the structural things we needed to be aware of and the different weights we could load etc. It was very quick and professional.

The reason this particular project has benefitted so much from using Mixamate’s Screed Pumping truck is that there isn’t that much space to manoeuvre around the site! The Screed Pumping truck arrives with the sand and cement separately and the mixing begins as soon as it arrives on site, meaning we can get started quicker. Now we can get 40 tonnes used in a day, making our turn over and productivity much more efficient.

The company has used Mixamate before, but this is my first experience working with them. They have been fantastic and I would definitely use them again, and thoroughly recommend them!”

“Your driver Terry is an absolute credit to you and your company! From the moment he arrived he demonstrated a positive – can do attitude. Originally the route leading into the pour site was a bit too narrow so he had to re-route around the block, this wasn’t a problem (Smiles!). The mix site itself wasn’t the greatest, parked up directly outside Amnesty International’s office on double yellow lines and partially restricting traffic flow (only lorries and dust carts couldn’t pass – cars and vans were ok) but it didn’t phase Terry at all!

The screed itself was going in rather thicker than expected due to a last minute change by the builder but after only the first two to three loads Terry had the mix ratio perfect and the screeders were extremely happy (Which for screeders is very unusual!). Unfortunately due to the increase in depth we were about 1 ½ tonnes short (after having 18tonne from you machine which was great as you’d only allowed for 16 ton!) this wasn’t a problem as I’d taken the liberty of taking my trailer to site just in case so I could pop to Travis and get a couple of bulk bags of sand and cement to finish, Terry was genuinely gutted not to have been able to provide the full required amount!!

In summary the guys an absolute legend, friendly, professional and conscientious! We will definitely be using you guys again, top service! Well done Chris!”

“Concreting at Harpenden station on Sunday night went very well indeed. The chap driving the wagon was very supportive and it seems that you guys have a very good system. It made a delightful change from the usual grumpy spinner drivers we’re used to, wanting to dump their loads in about 5 minutes to return to their depot. Being able to take the concrete at our own pace helped tremendously and was far safer and less stressful than all other concrete works I’ve been involved with. We’ll definitely be looking to use Mixamate again on future works and can’t thank you enough for your help.”