10M3 MIN 8M3
11 TO 13M3 MIN 11 M3
14 M3 MIN 12 M3
15 M3MIN 13 M3
16 M3MIN 14 M3
17 M3MIN 15 M3
18 M3MIN 16 M3
19 M3MIN 17 M3
20 M3MIN 18 M3
21 M3MIN 21 M3
22 M3MIN 21 M3

Terms of Payment
Strictly C.O.D i.e. Cash or Credit Card (unless an account has been pre-arranged). All goods supplied remain the property of Mixamate and Mixamate retain full equitable and beneficial ownership until paid for in full.

Parking Liability
Any parking/release fine where no suitable delivery point has been arranged for the Mixamate lorry, will be the responsibility of the undersigned. In the case of pumping jobs, it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain a footpath closure license – failure to do so means any fines received will be passed directly onto them.

Delivery off Public Highway
Mixamate will deliver to the closet point on the public highway to where the materials are required. We will not come off the public highway onto private property to administer delivery. You can either use the free wheelbarrows that are provided to Mixamate customers with each delivery, or take advantage of our Mini-dumper service, which the driver administers on your behalf. We can also provide a concrete pumping service for harder to reach pours, that allows our vehicle to stay on the public Highway while administering concrete and screed off-road.

Health and Safety Warning
To be advised to all handling this delivery of concrete. To avoid harm to skin, avoid contact with wet cement and concrete (i.e. wear suitable protective clothing). Where contact occurs, whether directly or through saturated clothing, wash immediately.

Cancelation Fee Policy
We reserve the right to charge a cancelation fee of a minimum of 1m3 of a standard mix and a delivery charge. If a pump was on the order we reserve the right to charge the full pump hire charge. The cancelation fee may be charged in the event that a delivery is cancelled within 24 hours of the delivery date. In the event of the cancelation of high quantity bookings, such as those involving multiple vehicles, Mixamate reserves the right to charge a higher cancelation fee, to help us recover incurred costs including loss of other work.

Consequential Losses
Neither Party shall be liable to the other Party for loss of use of any Works, loss of profit, loss of any contract or for any indirect or consequential loss or damage which may be suffered by the other Party in connection with the Contract.

Damage to property
Customers must accept responsibility for any damage that may be caused on site. Mixamate will not accept responsibility for damage caused by wheelbarrow, dumper truck, concrete/screed delivery hose, or the driver while on site. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that a safe passage is provided for all delivery methods.

The characteristic strength of concrete is based on twenty eight day cube results when made, cured and tested in accordance with current British Standards. Where the characteristic strength is required prior to twenty eight days then previous notification should be given.

Pump setup
The customer should provide a permit from the council for the temoporary closure of the footpath – if not the customer is liable for any peanlity incurred.

Mixamate cannot be held responsible for the aggregates used within concrete production are free from natural impurities inclusive of lignite’s and Pyrites.

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