Please see below a list of all our mix designs we have to offer and their uses for each product. Each mix design can be altered with admixtures and fibres to be suitable for each project. If you require a special mix or a mix design sent to you, then please email our Technician Aaron directly

C8/10 (Gen 1)C8/10 concrete mix can be used for drainage works, floor blinding, Foundations for steps and void filling. Useful for a firm base where no structural strength is required.
C12/15 (Gen 2)C12/15 concrete mix can be used for house floors where a non – permanent finish will be applied (E.g. Carpet). It can be used for kerb bedding where there is no risk to excessive force for example a driveway.
C16/20 (Gen 3)C16/20 concrete mix can be used for Domestic floors and bases with lighter overall loads including shed bases.
C20/25 (ST2)C20/25 concrete mix can be used for lightweight, commercial and domestic projects including shed bases, garden wall foundations, Ground foundations and reinforced bases, infills and kerbing.
C25/30 (PAV1/ST3)C25/30 concrete mix can be used for Commercial and Domestic projects including footings and foundations, Pathways, roadways for yards.
C35/45 PAV2 (An air entrained concrete useful for freeze thaw protection)C35/45 concrete mix can be used for commercial structures with heavy use, piling, external slabs walls, yard and barn containment areas.
C32/40C32/40 concrete mix is a strong commercial concrete used for HGV Parks, Agricultural yards and chemically harsh environments.
C35/45C35/45 concrete mix is typically used in specialist projects where high strength and support is key for example areas with aggressive chemicals or high abrasion levels are present. This is a polymer – modified concrete that has a very high flow rate typically 700 to 800mm.
Self-Levelling Concrete C35/45C35/45 concrete mix works very well with slabs and requires very little work for a smooth finish.
C40/50C40/50 concrete mix is used for specialised strength for example crane bases.

Slump Classes and Common Uses

Slump Class Slump in mm Common Uses
S110mm – 40mmDry Mix, Kerb Backing, Sloping Slabs
S250mm – 90mmStandard Mix Foundations and Slabs
S3100mm – 150mmWet Mix Foundations, Slabs, Pumpable Mix
Slump Class Slump in mm Common Uses
S4160mm – 210mmVery Wet, Reinforced Areas, Foundations, Slabs, Piling, Pumpable Mix
S5>220mmSelf-Levelling – Slabs, Uneven Grounds, Footings

Additional Additives

AdditivePurpose Additive & Purpose
Water Reducing Plasticiser (WRA)Reduce water content of mix without compromising consistence or strength. Water Proofer Agent Makes concrete waterproof by filling voids.
Set AcceleratorIncrease setting time and early age strength. (Used in cold conditions)Air Entrained Agent Improves Freeze/Thaw Durability. Used in harsh Conditions (Roads /Paths)
AdditivePurpose Additive & Purpose
Retarder Delay setting time and hardening of concrete. (Used in hot Conditions)Concrete Fibres Improves Durability, Fire Resistance and reduced risk of cracking.