Underpinning and waterproofing in Knightsbridge

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Mixamate recently worked on an underpinning project at Pont Street Mews in Knightsbridge, West London, providing waterproofed concrete to create additional living space in a newly constructed basement. ‘Building down’ has become an increasingly popular practice within central London in recent years, allowing building companies to create additional space in often heavily built-up areas.

“Part of the project at Pont Street Mews required underpinning and waterproofing,” says Marcin of Cordles. “Part of the structure had to be formed from waterproof concrete including water-tank pit, lift pit, etc. We also needed a quick, clean operation that would incur minimal disruption to local residents. And for these reasons we chose Mixamate – the company provides a printed delivery note issued directly by the operating machine showing the exact type of concrete and the additives used within the mix. Their All-in-One lorry is also a really good option for limited spaces, and is less noisy than a normal concrete pump. We would strongly recommend Mixamate and will be using them again.”

The unique Mixamate All-in-One concrete pumping truck is capable of the delivery, mixing and pumping of materials from a single vehicle. This service is now also available for screed and you can view our latest on-site video here.

A few photos from the job are available here.