Mixamate are proud to use Ronacrete, a world-class concrete additive manufacturer

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We’re dedicated to using the best quality products and materials at Mixamate, so are thrilled to work with world-class concrete and screed additive manufacturers Ronacrete.

At Mixamate we only want to use the best quality products and materials – that’s why we work with Ronacrete. For 50 years, Ronacrete have been leading product development and performance for concrete, making them a world-class manufacturer. As members of several trade bodies including the Concrete Repair Association, The Concrete Society, FeRFA and BAIL, Ronacrete provides a specialist range of products for screed and concrete for installation by expert contractors. 

We are proud to provide some of their specialist products like RonaScreed Fast Dry Prompt, a fast drying additive which reduces the level of moisture within the screed. This means that you can lay floor coverings much sooner than with conventional screeds! For instance, RonaScreed Fast Dry Prompt installed at 50mm accept moisture-sensitive floor coverings after only 8 days, 75mm screeds accept the same coverings after only 9 days and 100mm screeds after only 10 days. 

Other products by Ronacrete that are available if you choose Mixamate are RonaScreed SBR. Both screeds are site-batched screeding mortars and fine concrete, with a mix design of Ronafix or RonaScreed SBR admixture, cement, medium grade sharp sand, aggregate as determined by the mix design, plus water.

Both screeds provide rapid drying, wear resistance, improved compressive, flexural and tensile strength, are suitable for screed pumps and will accept foot traffic after 24 hours. 
Ronafix screeds are used to lay new screeds and toppings as thin as 6mm bonded and 35mm unbonded or floating. RonaScreed SBR screeds are used to lay new screeds and toppings as thin as 10mm bonded. 

To find out more about the Ronacrete products provided by Mixamate and discover which products will satisfy your concrete and screed needs, speak to one of our experts.