5 Reasons Using a Concrete Pump Truck Can Save You Time and Money

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Concrete is the dominant material used in the construction industry, so naturally there will be a lot of concrete companies to choose from whenever you start a project.

So how do you go about finding the right one? There are plenty of things to consider, but overall you should be looking for a concrete supplier that can save you time and money whilst still providing a top quality end-product.

Ready mixers and volumetric trucks are both commonly used vehicles for delivering concrete, but there is another option that goes a step further: an all-in-one mix and pump truck.

We have the only mix-on-site trucks fitted with concrete pumps, so we are the sole supplier that offers this unique way of pumping concrete and screed.

Here’s why using a Mixamate pump truck provides the best overall value for money.

1. You only need one

It’s called an all-in-one truck for a reason: you only need one to do the job. One truck, one driver, and one journey.

When you hire a standard volumetric or conventional ready mix truck, you’ll really be hiring two vehicles and workers. One that does the mixing and another that does the pumping. This also requires the two trucks to park back to back on your site or in the street so the pump truck has access to the mix.

Being able to do all of this in just one truck will not only save you from hiring two separate firms, it also gets the job done quicker as there’s no waiting should one truck be delayed or not have the space to park up and get started.

Mixamate’s unique all-in-one trucks currently save 1000 HGV truck deliveries every month. So we’re saving you time and money, as well as helping the planet – it’s a win-win!

2. You only pay for what you use

You can also save yourself some money on materials with a pump truck.

With other types of concrete supplier, you’ll have to calculate the exact volume needed and then pay for that full amount, regardless of whether it all actually gets used on the day or not.

A Mixamate all-in-one concrete pump truck has an onboard computer to calculate the exact mix required – so you’ll only ever pay for what you use.

3. You won’t have to clean up afterwards

Concreting has the potential to be a messy job. But it doesn’t have to be.

When you use ready-mix concrete, there is generally a time constraint to transporting it and laying it before it sets. Rushing to finish the job like this tends to create quite a bit of mess – particularly when you’re using barrows to transport the concrete.

As mentioned above, you need a separate truck to pump concrete from a volumetric or ready mix machine. This only adds to the mess, especially when the pump gets washed out on your street afterwards and you are left with a big clean-up job.

All-in-one pumps are much cleaner though, as they don’t need to be washed out and don’t leave mess behind — our drivers make sure of it. We’ll always leave your site in the same condition as we found it.

4. You’ll get the job done quicker

Being able to mix and pump concrete, dry screed, or liquid screed on-site with just one truck solves all manner of logistical issues. As we use lightweight rubber hoses to pump the concrete or screed, which are flexible and can be combined together to a length of 80 metres, there’s no:

  • sloppiness due to time constraints
  • waiting around for a second truck to arrive
  • need to find 20 metres of parking space for two trucks
  • manual calculations to be made on-site
  • difficulty pumping to hard-to-reach areas

5. You’ll have a better quality end-product

Finally, an all-in-one mix and pump truck will give you a higher quality end-result.

We employ a concrete technician to run various tests to ensure the concrete we use is of the highest possible standard.

Cracked or botched concrete is not something you want and it’s not something that we ever allow to happen.

Having to spend more time and money for another crew to come out and fix poor work is not acceptable in our eyes, so we make sure you’re happy before we consider our job finished.

All-in-one concrete pumps provide the best value

Whether you’re used to hiring volumetric or ready mixers, or you’re using a concrete supplier for the very first time, a Mixamate all-in-one concrete pump can make your next project as simple and stress-free as possible.

For more information or if you have any questions about how our concrete pump trucks work, our team will be happy to help and provide expert advice.

Take a look at our full range of services and get a quote today.

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