Concrete is easy to use and versatile. Its strength, durability and relative cheapness make it the ideal material for drives, paths, garage and shed bases. Our unique service makes it even easier to get the materials you want than ever before, and in the exact quantities and mix specifications that you need. Concrete – like many raw materials – can also suffer from a reduction in quality during transportation. Our mix on site process ensures that the mix is as fresh as possible when it enters your trench, guaranteeing the quality and strength of the materials you are using.

When you are ready to order

When you are ready to order, contact your nearest Mixamate depot and specify the mix that you want and the quantity in cubic metres that you require. Agree a delivery time, giving at least 24 hours notice.

The delivery driver will be as helpful as possible in manoeuvring his truck as near to your work area as he can. However, it is possible that you will have to move some concrete, either to your work area, or from one part of the project to another.

Remember that 1 cubic metre of concrete weighs about 2.5 tonnes which means approximately 20 barrow loads, and that you will only have an hour or so before the concrete starts to go off. So ensure you have adequate manpower for the job.