Weighing in with a massive third of a cubic metre capacity and an ultra slim width of less than 800mm, or 32 inches in “old money”, our mini dumper is the vital component in saving our customers time and money when utilising the Mixamate Mini Dumper Service.

Not only can the mini dumper save you money allowing you to minimise your valuable labour resources or deploy them elsewhere on your site but it can save you time placing 6-7 conventional wheel barrow loads in one go.

Operated by our experienced drivers, the mini dumper can turn on a sixpence (or 2.5p in new money!) and gain access to those awkward areas on site. The mini dumpers rubber tracks come into their own when making deliveries over rough or uneven terrain.

The mini dumper is so versatile that it could eliminate the need for the costly pumping of concrete.

If it is not possible to use the dumper then we also offer a barrowing service.

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